• What is stopping children from obtaining soda outside of school?

    There is no point in banning sodas from school if the child can just as easily access them from outside of school. No matter the health consequences of drinking soda, It is up to the parents if they would allow the child to drink it or not. It isn't up to the school.

  • Why yes ok

    I hate bottled water because bottled water is bad for you soda 🥤 by the way schools should sell soda I love soda soda is the best and I don’t care if it’s bad for us ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok 👌 ok good bye 👋

  • School should definitely sell soda

    They should sell soda because if a student was cramming all night to study for a test or doing homework then he deserves that soda. If the school will be so careless to give out so much homework then if they sell soda that will kind-of be a start to "pay back" the kids for all the stress and creativity loss that the school has made them

  • Soda is a drink

    Drink sodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Please let us drink soda at schools. Soda is a cooling refreshng drink. Some people never get to drink soda. People love soda unhealthy it may be it can sometimes help with people with dieabetes beacuse they need pop that has no sugar. Please sell pop please. Pease

  • Schools Should Not Sells Soda

    Schools should not sell soda because it made my lips hurt so bad omg 😲 bro schools should not sell soda because it unhealthy for us and soda causes diseases diabetes and heart attacks it so unhealthy for us bro so yeah my final answer is no good bye 👋

  • Schools should NOT sell sodas/sugary drinks

    No. Sodas (and other sugary drinks) shouldn't be offered in schools. I do realise that many kids especially those in the US are most likely given sugary drinks at home but doesn't mean they should be offered in schools.

    Most schools are avoiding giving sugary drinks such as sodas to students (and that's a good thing). During lunch time if the student eats lunch at school they usually have the option of only milk. A select few schools may offer a milk/dairy free alternative or juices during lunch. If students brought own lunch they usually had whatever they drank in a thermos (since the school didn't allow cans of any sort in the lunchroom).

    Sugary drinks have bad ingredients and shouldn't be offered in schools. Having these drinks should be up to the parents- and they shouldn't be offered in schools.

    They may be found in university/college but for school aged kids 5-17 they really shouldn't be offered in school.

  • At that age parental guidance is key

    If its in the school the school effectively already sanctions it. Were all getting fatter education from parents is better than a gaudy coca cola vending machine literally in a school. How is this gonna possibly combat the highest rates of obesity ever? Children can't make proper decisions because you know there: children

  • Please don't sell sodas

    Soda is one of the most unhealthy drinks ever in humanity. While the acids in soda can themselves cause damage, It is the combination with sugar that makes soda particularly harmful (52, 53). Sugar provides easily digestible energy for the bad bacteria in the mouth. This, Combined with the acids, Wreaks havoc on dental health over time (54, 55).

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