Should school shooters who are underage be tried as adults?

  • School shooters who are underage should be tried as adults.

    School shooters have chosen to act as adults by using deadly force, so they should be tried as adults. Anyone who shows enough mental illness to shoot in a school is clearly a danger to society. People like this need to be kept away from the innocent in order to guarantee our safely.

  • Yes but not always

    It really needs to be a case by case basis on this. There are a lot of factors that should be considered including age, background, intention and more. The option should be there to try them as an adult but it needs to be done on a case by case basis.

  • School shooters who are underage should be tried as adults.

    School shooters who are underage should be tried as adults. They should not be given any special treatment just because they are underage. They understood what they were doing when they committed the crime so they should be able to do the time. I think anyone that commits that kind of felony should get the maximum sentence.

  • Murder is murder.

    If the person is not mentally-unstable, then yes, even young students who commit murder should be tried as adults. I have said it before, and I will say it again, murder is still murder, and regardless of the person being a "legal adult" or not, they deserve to be treated as adults.

  • School Shooters Should Be Tried As Adults

    The typical school shootings we see involve teenagers in a high school setting. I think these shooters should be tried as adults. Generally, they are not far from the legal adult age anyway. I think this would be plausible given the seriousness of their actions. I do not believe their records should be protected as juvenile records.

  • Not mentally fit

    Part of the reason there is a legal difference between adults and children in criminal courts is that children are, like the mentally handicapped, not mentally competent to stand trial. This applies to acts of violence, as well, including school shootings and murder. The only reason such a thing happened was due to intense factors that caused a mentally developing person to snap - they need to be isolated and rehabilitated, but putting them up for a life sentence or the death penalty is inhumane.

  • Children should never be tried as adults.

    I feel as though kids should never be tried as adults. You can’t just go and change the laws because
    you feel like it. If anyone under the
    age of 18 is considered a minor, you can’t just choose to try them as an adult
    because they committed a crime that you didn’t like. Be consistent.

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