Should School-Sponsored Prayer Be Allowed in Public Schools?

  • Pray to God

    He created us and we should respect him. Also praying is the right thing to do anyway. Why should anyone make you do the wrong thing by not praying. Does it matter if some one don't have the same religion anyway? Also you have the right to believe in the lord.

  • Yes, school prayer should be allowed.

    It should not matter whether a prayer is sponsored by the school, all prayer should be allowed in the schools as long as it does not cause harm to others. As long as the students are not forcing their beliefs on others, then it should be acceptable and encouraged inside of schools to pray.

  • Always pray to God

    God is the person who made us. God had shown me that we should be thankful. God gave all to us and we should thank him in prayer. There is no embarrassment. We should have prayer in both schools. Public schools should let students that are catholic pray to God. Just pray.

  • God is all powerful & is truth

    God loves us & created all things & is to be glorified & honored & has given us all His benefits. Our greatest weapon is prayer - the Sword of the Spirit. No prayer prayed in His will iis returned to us void & our children need to be able to pray knowing they can always trust Him for He IS faithful to do it. Amen

  • He is our provider. He's the reason why you and I are here.

    If you really think back into history, where would humans come from? Its the nature of his creation that we see and witness that God is real. He is a spirit. He once was among us but our sins were increasing greatly that we had to seek him. He is still waiting for more workers. It's not too late. It's not that the prayer is only done for christians to receive the blessings but its for all people.

  • It is simply understood that religion should not be involved in public schools and to change this would cause an uproar

    Families who believe that sending their child to public school means that a religion will not be forced on them, choose to put their kids in this environment for a reason. Many parents want to leave religion out of it and others simply want to teach their kids religion themselves. By choosing to teach their children at home it also opens up more opportunities for their kid to learn off of other people's belief around them because are all sorts of people inhabit a public school. By creating a disturbance in the comfortable space in which the parent or guardian desired for their student, it will inevitably backlash heavily most likely causing more and more parents to pull their kid out of whatever school decides to instill this and messing up the whole public school system. If you want your child learning religous practices the best option is a charter school for less money or a private school for more.

  • No it should not, and here's why:

    If we did this, how would we choose which religious faction's prayer to use? If we were to use Satanism, I doubt anyone would be happy. We can't have a prayer and have people be happy, because if we do any religion, we still leave out atheists or agnostics either way.

  • Separation of Church and State

    America was founded because the rulers in England were forcing their religious believes on people and not letting them have the religion they wanted. Due to that, this county has always been based on the idea of separation of Church and State. There is no mandatory region that someone has to believe in in order to live here force prayer for one religion of children in public school?

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