• Girls aren't as weak as you think we are girls are stronger than people think we are.

    Girls can beat a boy at anything a boy can beat us at people may think that a girl is not strong but really a girl is stronger than a boy if you put you're mind to it nothing hard just work out and you will end up getting stronger than any of those boy's that you have saw or liked or anything like that a girl is a lion that can not be defeated at anything a girl is like a helpless child that can't be hurt if you try to come up to that child they will defend there self and they will kick and scream as loud as they can but once their free they can put there mind to anything they want to achieve.

  • Girls aren't as weak as you think we are.

    People may think that we are not strong, enough than boy's are. Well guess what we are not going to back down, and just keep away from the sports and the other thing's we love. We are as strong as the boy's are we will not back down just because a boy or somebody say's to the girls and know body will or can not change the way we think if you're with me girls say yes to me in the comments above.

  • No co-ed sports

    The sports are too dangerous for girls to play with boys side to side with the girls playing a sport with a boy it maybe too unsafe injuries or concussions may occur don't tried girls or you will end up in a place you don't to end up THE END

  • How would u feel? THINK ABOUT IT

    Why do we have to stereotype people its there choice not ours, they should have the freedom and justice play the sport that they like.
    I also think YES because would u like it if u were told u weren't aloud to play what they call a ''boy sport''? I don't think you'd like it.
    If therw was co-ed more gender equality would be shown as well as students would have more more developed solving problem minds because t5hey wolud work co-operatively with other students.

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  • What if, the opposite gender thinks they can add to the team?

    Guys and girls have many differences, and each gender can out class the other in many categories, this can include, mentally, socially and physically. So what if a boy can out perform a girl in volleyball? If he thinks he can out perform the girls, why not let him try? It's the same case with a girl who thinks she can out perform a guy in football, just let her try. I've known girls who easily are stronger and more fit than guys I know on school football teams, and other sports, so why not let them if they feel they have the physical and mental capacity to do it?

  • It's segregation to separate them.

    Unless the child is attending a same-sex school, everything should be co-ed (except bathrooms). Classes should be co-ed. Sports should be co-ed. Girls should be allowed to play football and boys should be allowed to cheerlead. Things aren't so cut-and-dried about genders anymore. These days, boys are playing with Barbies and girls are dressing up as Spiderman. More boys want to go into cheerleading and gymnastics and more girls want to go into football and wrestling. So, why not? Some girls can beat boys in wrestling and some boys are more flexible than girls.

  • Private part touching violation

    A boy could accidentally touch a girl in the wrong place. For example in basketball or ice hockey those sports involve so much contact. I don't believe that girls should play on the same team as boys because a boy might be afraid of touching the wrong place of a girl

  • No co-ed sports

    The sports are too dangerous for girls to play with boys side to side with the girls playing a sport with a boy it maybe too unsafe injuries or concussions may occur don't tried girls or you will end up in a place you don't to end up THE END

  • Too dangerous and impractical

    It is ludicrous to believe sports should be coed. Boys and girls are separated in sports for a reason. We all know boys are stronger and more athletic than girls. If we allow them to be mixed up, girls will get hurt by boys. Mixing them eliminates fair competition between teams if there is an uneven distribution of male/female players. In a coed sports environment, boys and girls having drama over "who's going to date who" and jealousy between team members is inevitable. Yes, some people may scream "segregation"- which is absolutely true, but is 100% necessary for the stated reasons.

  • Say yes to single gendered sport

    Girls would become more involved during theory lessons as they would feel more comfortable sharing their opinions in a safe environment without the mocks or judgement from boys. Also from past experience teenaged boys were always a major distraction in class time, especially when they are trying to be funny and disrupt the classroom and others from getting work done. Coming to Saint Monicas and interacting with all girls dramatically improved my academic results and i am able to focus in class. For example if i were given this task for HPE at my previous school and had to be debating in a team with boys, i strongly believe that i would not be standing here with the confidence i have now let alone a completed task.

  • Say no to co-ed sports!

    All of these people are saying that they would like to support coed sports, but my opinion is otherwise. If boys and girls play on a sports team together they would be distracted on trying to out do the boys. I don't know about your school district but that is how my school is. So instead of the girls and the boys being focused on playing the sport they would be distracted trying to out do the boys or the boys would be trying to out do the girls.

  • Age, weight or skill level

    Sports teams are often divided by age, weight or skill level, depending on the league. High schools will have varsity and junior varsity teams to distinguish skill level, and community recreation teams usually divide players up by age. Boys and girls of the same age likely have different skill levels. Boys are usually taller and stronger than girls, which can give them an advantage on the playing field. If girls are on the same team as them, they might not perform as well as they could on an all-girls team, where they would be up against players with a similar skill set.

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