Should school staff be allowed to carry guns to protect students from school shooters?

Asked by: camadkins13
  • I don't see a problem with it

    Teachers and staff should be allowed to carry guns. It's a great way to keep themselves armed and to keep the students safe. Plus, they can keep in lockboxes in a safe location away from students. Some people say that we should hire more security guards and have them guard the entrances to the school. In other words, they want to turn schools into prisons. That's not the way to go. Increased security is a great idea, but it would much more sensible to allow teachers and staff to arm themselves rather than hiring more people and spending more money. The teachers can even buy their guns with their own money rather than have their school pay for it.

  • Yes they should

    Criminals have made it very clear that they don't care about the law and it won't get in their way. A PE teacher used his body to protect the students. I think if he had had a gun of his own he might have been able to defend himself as well as the kids. Tons of people were saved in the church shooting because a good guy had a gun of his own and took down the bad guy.

  • Yes they should

    It is pure common sense that they should unless of course you support schools being shot up like Hillary and chuck Schumer and them but I do not have the time to provide a backed up argument for this however if you like to challenge me I will respond eventually

  • Yes they should

    It is pure common sense that they should unless of course you support schools being shot up like Hillary and chuck Schumer and them but I do not have the time to provide a backed up argument for this however if you like to challenge me I will respond eventually

  • Yes, but it should be heavily regulated.

    I often read storied about teachers who sacrificed themselves by taking bullets for their students and think "Could things have been different if said teacher had a gun?"

    I wholeheartedly believe that a heavily regulated distribution of guns to teachers (who receive gun training) in a systematic manner can save more lives and prove more effective than.. Whatever wer're doing right now.

    It's true that accidents can happen, although rarely. A student could always find the gun and accidently use it or something along these lines. I'm fairly certain, however, that this can save more lives than take.

    Again, not *every* teacher should be given a gun, they must pass a mental evaluation test and prove themselves responsible enough to carry a gun in an educational place.

  • Yes they should

    What’s going to happen when a kid pulls out a hand guns and starts shooting what are the teachers supposed to do charge him/her and get shot yeah no thanks I’d like for my teachers to be safe. And they would have to take many classes before even getting one so I would be regulated

  • Coach Aaron Feis

    This man was not just a coach and hero but also a member of the school security. He shielded student from the shooter with his own body. Imagine what he and other security and teachers could have done if they had access to guns. He and many others could still be alive if that was an option.

  • A weapon yes, that weapon no.

    I would have to say that having a shoot out would probably leave more victims then a solo shouter, and may be where the shooter could get the gun in the first place. (most of them are kids who snapped) But that doesn't mean that teachers shouldn't be able to protect their students, I am pro arming teachers with tasers, and bats, weapons that are much less damaging should a kid get their hands on it.

  • Wouldn't trust in the teachers capabilities of security.

    The teachers arguing they should be allowed to carry guns into their classes are the same teachers who have their answer sheets stolen. While i'll agree that I doubt the teacher will do harm, the students being that close can end up breaking into the schools and stealing them from the first place to do harm. More security would be a way better alternative.

  • No I Disagree

    The biggest problem with Americas gun culture is that people believe that guns provide self defence-if there were no guns then there would be no need for guns as a method of self defence. Yes people will say that it is hard/ impossible to remove all guns from the country but this must at least be attempted, it is our duty to protect people,

  • No I disagree

    Then what is the point of hiring security guards and I believe the solution is better police visibility and better training for security guards. I also think that schools should be strict in who can enter the school like adding ID terminals in the entrance and having dogs guard entrance gates.

  • Maybe a pepper spray but guns hell no

    First of all pepper spray is useful and less lethal. You do not want to kill the attacker. Just to make them go away. Also accident is more fatal for a gun. There is also a report that say that have a gun is more likely to kill you than have no guns.

  • Guns are too dangerous and unreliable

    There are a variety of reasons that teachers should not be allowed to carry:
    - Not all teachers are trained in the use of firearms and I doubt that many would have the time or motivation to do so.
    - Destroying an educational environment. Students would very much be affected by the presence of a gun at school, paranoia will spread and affect well being and learning.
    - Storage, in order for guns to be allowed at school, they have to be safely stored and locked away. How convenient is that in order to actually effectively stop a shooting with assault rifles?
    - Crossfire, if a teacher per chance were to get their weapon out in time and start shooting, students may be injured in the crossfire due to panic.
    - Hostages, what if a hostage situation arises, can teachers really handle situations where a student's life is directly at risk? Mass murderers don't care, but teachers do. What will you suggest next? Teachers killing hostages for the "greater good"? Every life matters.

  • Now here is a fact

    During the recent shooting in Florida there was an armed officer at the school. He did not have the courage to go in and stop this killing. You are telling me a teacher is going to be braver to stand up to someone like this than a trained police? What we need more is to A) make it so people who are unstable and show signs that they may do a shooting not able to get guns and B) get these kids help. If teachers have a gun it's more likely that either they reveal where they are by fumbling with it or just kill more people in the process those or get the gun taken by the shooter giving them more weaponry. Now if you are telling me part of a teaching degree will have to be gun training than you are telling me your going to have more well trained people with guns in a school and I don't know about you but to me that sounds like a recipe for disaster

  • Use something else!

    Why do people think that adding more guns will solve a gun problem? This makes no sense whatsoever! If you have an insect problem you won't bring other insects to eat the insects because then you will have mORE insects! Stupid stupid stupid! Don't bring guns into schools! If need be, teachers can have something else like pepper spray or a taser?

  • Horrible Horrible Idea

    I would NEVER trust every single teacher in every single state in America with a gun, especially not in a building full of kids. Not to mention, did you think guns were accessible before? Well now kids are literally in a class with one every single day. What would you like the teacher to do, put the gun in a safe? Lets say a shooter burst through the door, whats the teacher gonna do? Say hold on let me open the safe real quick? Sure once the killers done with the 20-30 kids in the room the next teacher might be prepared, but are we willing to sacrifice a classroom of students before the killer is stopped?

  • No are you crazy

    1. A kid will attempt to take it
    2. Accidentally bump into where it is and it fires
    4. Just no
    Honestly the stupidest thing ever to bring into a school or to think to bring into a school.

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