Should school staff members be allowed to have guns at school?

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  • Protect and Prevent

    I think that they should be allowed to have guns in their desks under some sort of precautionary measure. But only on terms of the students safety and well being should this be allowed. Past occurrences such as the 2012 Connecticut shooting killed around 20-30 students, not only are those innocent children that deserved to get a proper education, but also job providers. Student and community safety should be maintained in the best ways possible, and I believe guns in proper hands can be a formidable solution to many factors in most common problems. I understand that there is an over abundance of people that believe this should not be allowed, but I believe that it is a safety insurer and problem solver for guns to be allowed in proper hands and with proper cautions.

  • Criminals Don't Care About Gun-Free Campuses

    Gun-Free zones have clearly failed to stop school shootings, so students need to be protected. Of course, allowing all students to carry weapons is a disaster waiting to happen, so a good compromise is to arm trusted staff members. If a school deems this unacceptable, then they'd better be ready to hire a lot of armed security to make up for it.

  • The school staff should be allowed to have guns at school.

    This is the same as allowing teachers to have guns to protect their students. It is a sad day when we have to let our school staff members carry a gun to school. I used to think it was a violation of our lives to have metal detectors at the door, but now I see they are important. They aren't violating us, they are protecting us. Now our teachers have to have protection. Not only that, they have to make sure the gun is in a safe spot where a student can't get a hold of it, but still in reach in case of an emergency. Even small Amish schools are being targeted. The only other step is to close down schools all together and start teaching at home.

  • With some limitations.

    I think school staff members should be allowed to have guns at school as long as safety precautions are set in place. They should only be able to have them if they can be kept locked away and not on the individual. If staff members are able to have guns, they can protect our children should a gunman enter the building.

  • School staff members should be allowed to have guns at school.

    School staff members should be allowed to have guns at school. They should be allowed to keep their guns locked in their desk in case of an emergency. If one of the staff or teachers had been armed then we could have minimized the number of casualties at the school shooting last year.

  • Yes, it would cut down on violence.

    Yes, school staff members should be allowed to have guns at school, because having guns would cut down on violence in schools. Someone would be more hesitant to walk into a school and shoot knowing that any teacher they encounter could be the one to have a weapon. Right now, our teachers and students are defenseless.


    How are no guns going to stop guns. Students are worth it. WE need to protect them. I think there should be trained staff with guns so they can react in an emergency. Maybe 2 in each floor. I AM USING this for a school project so thanks everybody. Yeah

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  • No, guns in schools are bad.

    Guns in schools is a very bad idea. I personally witnessed on two occasions a teacher fight a student in high school. On both occasions the teacher threw the first punch. With that in mind providing a teacher with a gun is a bad idea. Every time a teacher shoots a student, society would be on the hook for millions of dollars.

  • No, certainly not teachers.

    Perhaps there should be one or two people in the school who are trained on gun usage and who are allowed to keep guns in a safe place locked in an office. But certainly we can not have guns on teachers or in the class rooms where they can do more harm than good.

  • No school is not the place

    School is not the place to allow guns. There are too many kids and too many adults who should not have the responsibility of keeping the gun safe from kids. I think we should keep guns completely out of schools unless you have a fully trained officer in the school.

  • Don't Arm School Staff!

    Aside from trained guards or police officers, no school staff members should be allowed to carry guns on school campuses. Allowing these people to have weapons only makes a shooting situation more dangerous. Undoubtedly, adding more guns to the equation doesn't mean that such situations will get resolved in a better manner.

  • School staff members should not be allowed to have guns!

    As a teacher myself, I can say that allowing staff members to have guns at school will cause more harm than good. First of all, it puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on teachers to bring a gun to school. Second of all, too much could go wrong by bringing one in. What if a student comes across it? It's not a good idea.

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