Should school students face mandatory drug tests?

  • Why not?

    If it is just a simple urinary test at a random time.(like a drill more or less) It does not have to be all at once either, it could be when they have to pee if they need to at school. We do not need to test all of them, just a random group. It is not like we are forcing them to commit to something such as a sport. We should not press them with charges, we should get them help instead. Why would you oppose it if it takes about the same amount of time it takes you to urinate?

  • Why not? Stop this.

    Students these days under the influence hurt others and anyone else and can cause serious damage so once again...why not? These drugs can harm them and cause pain to others in the school environment. Schools need to be more protective in lots of ways, especially public schools. Most people don't understand a kid's point of view, but you won't understand our minds now. Some kids are different everywhere they go!

  • Are you kidding me?

    This coming from a middle schooler. You're apparent reasons for not testing for drugs are mediocre at best. "Children don't do drugs anyways"? Excuse me? Read the news sometimes. Also, as one person said, the school's job is to teach. The school can't teach (or the students can't learn well would be more like it.) if the students are on drugs all the time. Common sense. Also, someone said something like "The government should just make drugs legal, it's just more of hassle for them." Well then what, wouldn't we just have crack and meth addicts everywhere? There would BE no sports to play, the whole teams physical ability would just go to hell. Think about trying to play soccer or basketball while high. You wouldn't be able to dribble or listen to the coach. I'm having a hard time believing you're not druggies yourself's. The only plausible reason I see is the money complaint. But wouldn't you want to pay as little as 25 bucks a month so that you know your kid is safe from him or herself and from other students? Hope that knocked some sense into you people.

  • I wish I could be on your side....

    Oh, how I would love to say no, unfortunately I can't. Way to many kids are doing drugs and need help. Ask yourself this, if you were a teen doing illegal drugs, would you just go up and tell? Probably not. We need to find these kids and help them because they won't help themselfs.

  • yes

    because it would lower the teen drug abuse and put more kids on the right path to success. Also is would portect the children from harmful substances due to the derease from mandatory drug test. Kids would be more aware of the danger of drugs by the consequnce the face when they would test positive.

  • Yes, my opinion student should be drug tested!

    Students who abuse drugs may try to persuade kids who don't and make fun of them because they don't! Its amazing what our society has came to I am a student and I am a member of beta club sga and I play many sports my opinion espessally if your in beta you should be drug tested because your there to be a role model to younger kids I don't know if any of you have noticed but when you do drugs it changes your looks tremendously!

  • Cause students need to be tested for drugs or else they could get addicked at a early age........

    Students who are choosing to do drugs over sports and they end up getting addicted to the drugs they use. They could also get in to really really really bad drugs,,, and we dont want that now do we... So in conclusion school students from sutherlin middle school should have to take the drug test.

  • YES and heres why

    Because why should we let kids who do drugs come into our schools and spread the influence of drugs? I mean come on, its really stupid just how many kids come in to schools "drunk" or "stoned." That why I think they should face a mandatory drug test that way we eliminate the problem before it gets too big.

  • People Today Cry about Everything

    If the students have nothing to hide, then they shouldn't have a problem with this. You can argue that this is a violation of privacy against the students, but who cares? People nowadays will cry about anything and say that the government interferes too much. Well in this case, those people need to get over it! Do you really want your kids doing drugs?

  • Drugs in school

    The amount of kids who do drugs in schools today is huge. I would know, I go to a normal high school. Lots of my friends do drugs, and they don't plan on stopping. Drugs have a negative influence on not just the people doing them, but also their friends. And this country wonders why our schools are failing their standards. It's because they are doing nothing to help stop drugs from getting to the students.

  • Children are to young to have random drug tests at school.

    Children are way to young to have drug test. There bodies are not physically ready for what lies ahead . There is not much point for drug tests on children because children don't take drugs anyway and the few that do can seek rehabilitation help. Children aren't old enough to take drugs because there body will not be able to handle the stress that drugs put them through. Drugs are really addicting and once you have started drugs there is sometimes no way back. That is why kids would not take drugs and that is why schools shouldn't have random dug tests.

  • Students should not face mandatory drug tests

    That is a very backwards conservative way of thinking. The drug tests would be expensive and what would they really be doing? Preventing high school kids from smoking dope after school? Lets be smart for a change and legalize harmless drugs so we can lessen the burden on a federal government that is already extremely ineffective. Why should we give them more authority when drug enforcement has failed us time and time again?

  • No, it's too invasive and expensive!

    Mandatory drug testing invades your personal privacy. The cost of getting everyone tested is going to exceed what it's worth to catch the 0.5% of people on drugs in your workforce or in your school. Not only is it not full proof but it detects people who take prescription drugs. That will cost even more money to get the workforce to go through everyone's records. What is it worth to catch the few people who are doing illegal drugs compared to the ones who don't do illegal drugs? It's invasive to their privacy and can be useless.

  • No to school drug testing

    For the Bob Miller Middle School’s lacrosse team, the Bobcats, it is the one time of the month when the team gets drug tested. The next week the results come in and the whole team passes again for the 5th time. Some boy, a de-pole player, said, “The drug tests are a waste of money and time. Also the $25.00 come from my parents money, and what’s the point of these tests if nobody fails them anyways!” As you can tell from what I am stating, I am opposed to drug testing in school athletics.

    From what I stated before, drug tests are a waste of money. The pay for a drug test is $25, but where do we get this money? It’s not from the school, like they could afford that type of money for each kid. It’s not the coach, all he wants is a drug free team that plays well. The answer to the question is the parents! Most of the parents don’t want this. All they want is their kid to be in shape, have a hobby, and possibly get a scholarship. The only reason the parents are paying is because the child has to go home and beg his parents for the money and tell them that if he doesn't get the money for the test he will be kicked off the team and then the parents fall for it. Another thing about drug tests in school athletics is the people that think that drug tests should stay. The people in favor of drug tests normally say that we should have it because it would probably keep them from trying drugs and if one kid does it they can stop him before the other kids start. Actually, research shows that most young adults don’t start till the beginning of college, and the kids that do start doing drugs normally would quit school first then get majorly into it. Kids also don’t try to get other people to start unless they are friends and hangout with each other, and most kids would keep it to themselves so the message wouldn't spread around the school.

    Concluding this essay, I had another word with the same boy after they stopped the drug tests. Dominick said, “I am glad we don’t have to do those stupid drug tests and waste time and money, and my parents are happy too because they are now saving more money. So yes, I’m happy that there is no more drug testing.” As you can see our lacrosse players are happier now and the parents are saving more money, so it was a good thing to stop school athletics drug testing.

  • Student shouldn't face random drug tests.

    Students shouldn't face the fact of thinking that maybe other people do drugs in the grade, that would scare them and make them feel very insecure.So many schools have set up this "program" when they spend a ton of money that won't get many "positive results". By taking random drug tests they "pass the line" for student rights. Most of the time, they end up thinking that the staff in the schools don't trust them.

  • It isn't the school's job to drug test...

    Schools in my opinion don't have the right to drug test students, that should be their own choice. If they want to turn out retarded, go ahead and let them be. There's no point in wasting money to drug test students. If they tested positive, what would the school do any way? They really don't have a way to legally punish students that test positive, and it isn't their business anyway, let alone the fact that the schools hardly have any money to fund this kind of thing anyway.

  • Why ruin a teens life?

    The drug tests aren't always accurate! If the drug test say positive even though it isn't, it could ruin an entire career the a child has been working on in just one minute. Infact, it is proven that poppy seeds cause the same effect as drugs do, and will make the test positive even if it is negative.

  • Just no, NO

    People have a right to privacy and being invaded like that, being forced to take a test is ruining that privacy. Then there is money, the economy is already in the dumps and to raise taxes for something as silly as a drug test which probably won't work because the students will probably just find ways around it is stupid. Sure I agree on the students, actually no one, should do drugs that aren't prescribed by a doctor and even then the doctor can be an idiot and the drugs dangerous. But to invade privacy? Spend money needed on food? Cause students to find more inventive ways? To risk a ton of children to run away and drop out because of the "unfairness". Then the tests could do a false positive ruining a good students reputation and trust. It could read second hand smoke and doing the same. Or read prescribed drugs. It is just too faulty, and too wrong to actually have a drug test like that. The school is there to teach, that's all. If the students can't or won't learn that is there problem. The teachers should just teach. To some of you "GO FOR IT AND TEST OUR KIDS" people this may seem like stupid reasons to you but they are NOT. Drug testing our children "randomly" is an invasion to privacy and can potentially bring bad repercussions such as a higher drop out rate, more run aways, a student riot, people to create a new undetectable drug that can be even more harmful… just no to the drug tests. NO.

  • A big noooo

    We can say that the children nowadays are unpredictable and undefined, but is it a reason to invade their privacy? Their young ignorance into drugs? We never think they it may lead to insecurities? Why? In a sense of wrong result of such drug test. If that child goes positive in that test but in the end it is all mishandled, how about now the live of that child? Negative or not. It is already damaged and disturbed. More preventive and productive programs not this one. Child is a child. A very young mind. Don't let drugs destroy their childhood.

  • Simply too expensive and too silly. Think about it.

    Money doesn't come out of thin air. It isn't a secret that the US school system is currently failing and that budgets are constantly being cut. With the overflow of kids in our schools, there is no possible way to practically test every kid in the country. I personally go to a AA school and I can tell you now that we would probably have to cut the music program simply to pop up some results that are both obvious and detrimental. I say detrimental because sending a kid to juvy for using illicit substances helps no one; especially if it is marijuana (a drug less addicting and hazardous than alcohol).

    Sending a kid to juvy for a minor crime is so illogical that I have to wonder where the logic is in this world. The child's time is spent in a facility and afterwards, between the stigma and the loss of education, will probably leave without the means of actually benefiting society as an adult.

    I have plenty more to say, but let me tell you this personally. I am an honor student who will probably graduate valedictorian. I have plenty of friends who have used marijuana and are in no way addicted or ruined. These are kids who score 33+ on their ACTs and have no problems in life what-so-ever. They are good kids and I can say now that they will benefit society as doctors, lawyers, and engineers. But, I can tell you now that there is no way they would survive in a prison setting. They have not done meth, heroin, crack, or LSD, but an overly exaggerated drug that could land them into serious trouble.

    There are so many alternatives and too many downsides. We have to reevaluate some of our current laws, compare simple things like alcohol and tobacco (addictive) to marijuana (not addictive), and really take a look at how mandatory drug tests are pretty much a lazy excuse of a monitoring program for counselors.

    The real kids that need help are that bunch that I see dressed in rags and smoking cigarettes in the alley by my school 30 minutes before school, not our honor students.

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