• Give less homework

    Students these days have way to much homework. I am not trying to say get rid of all the homework, But at least make it so that they can't finish it and still sleep and have a life. The stress that comes from he homework plus the lack of sleep and the activities that a students has, It is just all exhausting. Students are less inclined to learn and don't like school because of the homework and because it takes forever. If you are an adult you have a job and you go to work for around or a little longer than a student goes to school. When you come home from your job you are just faced with worrying about dinner and light stuff and have time to relax. Now a student goes to school and spends all day learning and working, Then most students have an after school activates like a sport the wears them out, Then they have to go home and eat, Then go off to do chores, And finally late at night they face the homework. They then have to go to bed late at night, And lose sleep over it and become stressed, Sleep deprived, And be in a negative state.

    If we can reduce the amount of homework given students will get better sleep, Be more inclined to learn, And be more positive over all. Being a teen now a days is hard and it would make it so much easier if the homework was reduced. If you also look at other countries, The countries that academically preform better are the ones that give less homework and the tones that give more homework are the ones that preform the worst. We should be giving students less homework to help make a better life and future for them. Homework is taking up to much time and making it so that kids are exhausted and hate school and learning. Just give students less homework and make it easier on everyone.

  • Of course they should have less homework!

    Kids today shouldn't have to deal with the amount and stress and anxiety we go through everyday. We have 5 stressful days of school a week, and our 2 day weekend still filled with loads of homework and School isn't even about learning anymore. All it is, is to get good grades and to pass your classes. Our grades shouldn’t define who we are, but thats what it feels like.

    Don’t get me wrong I love learning new things, but we only have so much time alive and I don’t think we should waste every minute of our childhood “learning” stuff. I wrote “learning” like that because I memorize the answers when I am studying ,I take the test, then after I erase it from my mind so I can pass my next class. Whats the point of learning it then? How is passing a class going to help me in the real world? It wont. At 18 you expect people to have a career plan planned out when 6 months ago in class they still had to ask to get up and go to the restroom. We shouldn't be dreading going back to school after our winter and spring break, but we do. Hopefully our generation will change, because at this rate kids won’t be anything but stressed and depressed. So if this doesn't answer this question I don't know what will

  • Less homewooorrkk pleaaseee

    I am a straight A student. I couldn't care less for homework. It just strips me of my time, stresses me, and doesn't influence positively in my learning process. Homework is repetitive, boring, and sometimes, it isn't even fulfilled by the student, but by his/her parents or relatives. Not even reliable.

  • Especially in high school.

    *NOTE: I am not saying this because I don't want to do homework. I feel that it is necessary but teachers assign too much.

    Let's give an example. Teacher A gives students 2 homework assignments per night. Each assignment takes roughly an hour to complete, for a total of two hours of homework each night. Now, enter Teacher B. Teacher B gives only 1 assignment per night, but it takes around three hours to complete. This totals to 5 hours of homework already. But what about the rest of the classes? Students have more than just two classes per day, right? Exactly. Let's say Teacher C gives about an hour of homework each night, Teacher D gives an hour, and Teacher E gives half an hour. That's only five classes, but it adds up to seven and a half hours of homework. If the student gets home from school at 3:00, does homework, takes an hour break for dinner and a short rest period, resumes homework, then goes to bed when finished, he/she would go to bed at 11:30. This wouldn't always be the case as most teachers at least limit it a little. However, homework can add up very quickly. I'm fine with teachers assigning homework, but they assign too much.

  • I think that they should.

    Today, MIddle School students are losing interest in school and need some help. They are beginning to lie to not go to school, pretend to be sick, and are not trying hard in school. Some reasons is because of too much stress going and and they might have to much homework. Should middle school students have less homework?

  • Lowering homework is lowering standards.

    Students have homework in order to review content that was taught at school. Sure, many can argue and say they can study on their own free time, but let's face it, who would actually do that? Homework becomes stressful, not because of the quantity, because newer generation of students start to become lazy and more relaxed. Yes, I agree that school is more about grades rather than individualism, but that is something that is sacrificed for the stability of our society. If we lowered standards then we would be endangering that stability. Keeping the standards we have now would actually be a good thing, rewarding the people who put in time and effort, reducing competition for the people that deserve it.

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