• Kids do better when they don't abandon their studies during the summer.

    In Malcolm Gladwells book entitled outliers he references a study done by Karl Alexander of John Hopkins university that demonstrates that summer holidays haves detrimental effect on students from disadvantaged backgrounds. A PDF of his study entitled Lasting Consequences of the Summer Learning Gap can be found at nayre.Org/summer%learning%20Gap.Pdf . If summer vacation was eliminated we could dramatically improve the education level and quality of education for everyone that attends public school. Summer homework is the best way for a teacher to insure students aren't forgetting what was taught during the course of the school year. If you can't change the laws in the area to require year round school then summer homework is the best alternative I can see a teacher taking.

  • STUDENTS need homework over breaks

    Yes, because they might forget what they learn and they might be lazy in school.Also student improve results by more homework.If children don't do their homework in regular basis they might be tired lazy etc.So students should have homework over breaks cause it increases learning ability,everyone knows.This is true .Believe me

  • Remember What You Learn

    Often students forget most of what they have learned over the course of a semester when they go on vacation with no homework whatsoever to review the lessons. Although it may not be on the students' list of 'Things I Want to Spend Break Doing,' it is still educationally beneficial for the children.

  • Yes, but only if they are also encouraged to relax.

    Students should understand that learning does not end at their classroom door. Too often do they come back to school after a lazy vacation, only to forget how to write properly or complete a simple math problem because they were not assigned at least some sort of homework. Of course, doing too much during a break defeats the whole purpose of a vacation. There are times when students need to take a week or two off to recharge, and for good reason. I know that, when I don't take at least a few days to recover from the endless flurry of papers and cross country meets, I get burnt out rather quickly. We can't be on turbocharge all the time, nor should we be expected to.

  • As a current student, yes.

    I am a very successful student, and I love learning. When I look at my lower class (not social class silly geese, school classes) colleagues, I see people who don't care about school, who don't realize the importance of education, who are not trained to do their homework, who, due to the fact that they barely practice their skills (too busy spreading rumors about other people on face book) forget them during the summer.

    I believe homework is NECESSARY over the summer and NEEDED. We need my fellow students to take responsibility, and train to do their work, and maybe, JUST maybe, they might realize the importance of education. That is a far fetched goal. The main one is to have them train to do their work and practice their skills. It is a known fact: "If you don't use it, you lose it."

  • We need to keep our brains sharp!

    I know nobody likes doing homework over break. Breaks are for spending time with your family and friends. But if we forget things that were possibly crucial for a test. I am suggesting that students should do ONLY 30 minutes of homework. And kids usually have a week or two to get that done. It's good to remember things that you learned in school, so you can keep up.

  • I think we should have homework over breaks.

    First, we should have alittle homework over breaks(not too much) because if we don't we will forget all that we learned! In addition, doing homework over breaks will help struggling students catch up to other students. Also it makes you intelligent. As you can see, homework over breaks is very important for these reasons.

  • Students should get vacation home work advantages

    Students should get vacation home work so that they can revise their school homework. They will also not get bored in the vacations. This will help them at the time of exams. Their mind will get developed faster. Students also forget most of work what they have learned over the course of a semester when they go on vacation with no homework

  • It helps you consolidate the student's learning at school.

    Students nowadays forget what they learn in school over their holidays as most of the time is spent on relaxation. As a result, it is easy to forget information learnt in school and after the holidays, it is likely that they are not going to do well in the tests and examinations given by the school. It also helps you spend your time in a useful way since for students, their jb is mainly to study.

  • It helps us remember what we've been doing at school

    I think homework during breaks is a good idea,as long as it is a reasonable amount. I have quite a bad memory,so homework helps me remember what i have been doing in class. It is especially important when GCSEs and a level exams are imminent because it helps provide a starting point for revision.

  • Its just crap...

    The moment the word holiday strikes our mind, we think of going out and enjoying with friends, having fun, chilling and of course relaxing a lot. BUT, schools nowadays have made it so worse that children end up doing holiday homework till the last day of the vacation. When we think of vacations, its like hurray...Its time for vacation after so much of hard work..Wait, but are we getting homework?Oh yes, you think the school is so kind to leave us for one single vacation....Nooooo...The whole lot of joy goes down the drain. Such insane people, they think we are gaining knowledge by writing down the whole lot of crap and sticking pictures neatly and making a well decorated project. So i desperately think that we should not have holiday homework....And if they really really want us to do something, they can give us sensible books to read....Its a burden for the whole family....Parents hav got so fustrated and i can say this firsthand as an 8th grader....

  • A vacation is a time for relaxation!

    Aren't vacations a time to relax with family and celebrate the holiday or something? Well i remember in elementry i spent all of my 2 week holiday break on homework. On vacations i just stress out on homework the whole time which is bad for my health. When i was back at school i was sick with the flu and a stomach virus with a headache on top. I still had homework to do! 54 questions on the reading packet, 75 questions on the math packet, and dont get me started on the rest!

    Posted by: sawn
  • Homework sucks alot

    Vacation homework = crappy vacation. Ok people we need to stop overburdening our kids with homework. Its one of the main reasons i always hated going to school is because of the stupid homework. It did not make things any better for me ever. I feel that they like to ruin childrens lives with homework.

  • No, cause NO.

    Vacations are there so students can have a break from school. The term "vacation homework" simply contradicts itself. In my opinion, it's like putting the words "clean" and 'pig" into a phrase. Get what i mean? Us students shouldn't even think of homework during vacation breaks. If you're saying that homework is necessary, why don't you just give us those pieces of homework when school resumes? Of 365 days, why during vacation breaks? Ridiculous, I say. Peace out

  • It's called VACATION for a reason- we get a break from school!

    Hooray! After completing a long, hard 180 day school year and passing all your huge exams, it's time for summer vacation! Wait-what? A packet for each class? This would take months to finish! No! This vacation has just gone down the drain!

    That's how millions of children feel the day before any vacation. And the feeling is not pretty. During vacation, you should be enjoying yourself, not stressing out over homework. I can say this firsthand as an 8th grade student. During my 7th grade Easter break, which, mind me, is only one week, I had 5 essays to write, and that was just part of the ELA homework. I also had to do a giant math project and I had a science packet. Let's not even get started with Social Studies. My "vacation" ended up with me spending at least 3 hours on homework each day, which still wasn't enough and I ended up wasting basically my entire last day doing homework up to 11:00 PM, and I am not exaggerating. And yet I still ended up having to sneak and rush through my last ELA essay during the school day to complete my vacation homework. What kind of Easter vacation is that? It just made me cranky and gave me a headache, it didn't help me or make me any more prepared for school. Schoolwork is for school. The time I spent "celebrating" Easter was more of me thinking of how much homework I could have gotten done if I was at home. Teachers do not get this sort of torture, so why should kids?

  • Holiday home work is crap

    As others said vacation term itself explains everything. I feel students should not be given any work during vacation holidays. This is the time for them to explore the world like going on a trip, visiting places of their interest or something else. I feel visiting taj mahal makes more sense than reading about it in books.

  • The question answers itself.

    A vacation, is a period of time when you relax and do whatever you want. If you have homework, then how will you be able to enjoy yourself during the vacation? You could suggest revision to the students - people do forget without practice, but otherwise no 'homework', it is like putting a bird in a cage, let the students be free during this period of time called 'vacation'.

  • Students should not have homework over break

    Students shouldnt have homework over vacations. Clearly, it can cause students to become stresses out or sleep deprived. For one thing, in 2004, University of Michigan surveys found 2,900 six to seventeen year olds spend 3 hours 58 minutes on homework. This could lead to being late for an important event , which can cause stress and make the student rush the homework. Secondly, students could get sleep deprived from homework because they wait until last minute to do it on vacation, this also can lead to stress since the student might start to get upset over it. On top of all that, studies show 29% of 13 year old students spend 2 or more hours on homework. Certainly, kids should not be given homework over breaks. Firstly, a lot of kids spend 3 hours 58 minutes on homework. Second of all, kids can easily become sleep deprived from staying up late to do homework. Lastly 29% of teens use up two or more hours on homework. Without a doubt it can make kids lose sleep or stressed out. (cowboy Payton:D)

  • I think no likes homework over their vacation!

    No because their vacation is for relaxing, spending time with family, and getting away from school. Relaxing I mean like just hanging out and play video games or something else. And spending time with family is like going to go see and hang out with other family members and the ones you live with if you live with your family. Then getting away from school like who wants to go to school for a holiday vacation and you can relax and spending time with family also friends. So that is why you shouldn't have homework over vacation.

  • No, that is not vacation.

    No, school students should not have vacation homework, because the whole point of taking a vacation is to put their minds on something else. Children cannot do all the things they are supposed to do, like play, socialize, or try other activities, if they have to spend large amounts of their vacation thinking about school work.

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