Should school subjects like history, religion, music or art be optional, not compulsory, in all schools?

Asked by: Nicole789
  • They should be optional

    If somebody is absolutely not interested in those subjects, then why require them to learn them anyway? They will most likely not be useful for that person in the future, and they should spend the time on learning things that interest them and will be useful for them in the future. Besides, what if somebody has for example no drawing talent? Wouldn't it be mean to give them an F in art just because of this?

  • Options create career direction

    Giving students the choice as to what they learn will allow them to spend more time directing their studies to what they are interested in. For instance, a person interested in Engineering will not be inclined to put their best efforts in a history class. If there are fundamental requirements per order of the state (e.G. Civics, Physical Education), those should be minimal at best.

    In a school without choice, this will become increasingly problematic in the long run. If a student is not that interested in a topic X, where topic X is on a college entrance exam, and topic X is not even a relevant skill remotely related to what the student is interested (taking a history exam when applying for a Mechanical Engineering program), this will reduce the chances that such a student would be connected with the resources that they need for success.

  • Every class except religion shouldn't be optional.

    History #1: kids should know history and the facts of the world they live in and the classes they take should consist of World History, Government, (and if your in US) US history, and sociology. People should understand movements like the civil rights, ww i, ww ii, cold war, mid to late colonial times, revolutionary war, US institutions, cultural analysis, and many more.

    Music; I would put this on the list as art covers more of the movements while music is more active, but I will note on art why I kept music as a subject more than a class.

    Art; The art movements have contained several parts of political, social, economic, historical, architectural, scientific, and philosophical movements that have influenced are every day life. While i'll agree art should promote activity in high school for fun, I despise that to many people think art is a "pretty picture class" instead of a class about the movements. Music and Art movements like Futurism, Russian Constructivism, Manifest Destiny, and many others impact the way we look at life and how we see it as a whole; "Is man to seek the captivity of his ultimate predator, and domesticate it to his will as man seeks emancipation to his shackles?" An outlook of life shared by people who view nature as the means to prosperity and dominion over the forces that bind it to our planet. "Man seeks his ultimate goals in his emancipation from serfdom and slavery, he faces his ultimate enemy the ruling class who exploit his toils of his labor and deny him of basic human dignity and rights!" An outlook shared by Socialist or radicalized democratic crusader. "The man who seeks his wealth, builds his empire, crushes his competitors, and seeks his glory is the basis of society and moral for his greed as it lays the foundations that build a prosperous and moral empire and to tax is to rob those foundation." An outlook shared closer to libertarians or anarcho-capitalist.
    "Man is a cog to the machine, his ethical duty is to the state; his traits define his caste as passed on by generations. He was not born equal and shouldn't be treated equal, the egalitarian and democratic lie deceives man to deny his destined rolls in society he was born with." An outlook shared by fascist.
    Art can depict all of these traces of thoughts shared through modern political analysis without even saying a word and should be taught in all schools the value of critical thinking over the pieces of artworks shared throughout history and the thoughts of the people of the past.

  • It is a gray area, as is many aspects of education.

    Do I believe that religion should be mandatory? Of course not. That is something way too personal to create a mandatory class on. But classes like music, art, etc. may introduce people to something that they may never have understood as a career path. Do I believe it should be required by skill to do well? Of course not. Natural talent plays into classes like art and music, and it would not be fair to judge people based on something they can not control. The effort they put into that class is what should be focused on. History is a completely different story though. History is NECESSARY in the enlightenment of students. Ignorance is the biggest cause of hatred in the world in my opinion, and I believe that history class may resolve some of that. Understanding people's backgrounds is what helps people to understand that not all people are the same as they are. Ignorance causes people to be disrespectful to other cultures and lifestyles, and history is a vital possibility in ending that. Whether it's slavery, WWII and nuclear weapons, or the great depression, history is vital to understand where we come from, where others come from, and how to be culturally aware of the diversity in your society.

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