• School teachers should be allowed to carry guns.

    School teachers should be allowed to carry guns. If we would allow our teachers to carry guns then we would deter anymore school shootings in the classroom. They could protect our students and if violence of another shooter broke out then they could prevent most of the casualties that we have seen in the past.

  • Teachers With Guns

    Students will feel safer and their parents will know their children are being protected by trained teachers that are allowed to own a firearm. Students that feel safe will learn better. My partner and I believe that only the teachers who are mentally stable should have guns. In an op-ed published by the Yankton Daily Press and Dakotan, state Sen. Dan Lederman explained his support for the bill as a vote for local control on school safety issues. He argues that most places won't even take advantage of the armed-teachers option. “But for those schools in the middle of rural areas that have parents shifting nervously in their seats at any mention of school violence because any law enforcement response is a minimum of 20 or more minutes away? This bill gives schools that seek an option something they can do to protect themselves until first responders can arrive. They deserve the same solution that children in our cities have.” This shows that not only do the students get scared the parents get worried about their kids and their safety.

  • Teacher with Guns

    Teachers with guns can stop school shootings. With the proper training teachers can stop shootings in the schools and save more lives. The April 20, 1999 Columbine High massacre and April 17, 2007 Virginia Tech shooting could have been ended and lives could have been saved if a teacher or professor was allowed to have guns on their campus. These are just a few school shootings that could have been stopped. Eight states (Hawaii, New Hampshire, Alabama, Arizona, California, Oregon, Rhode Island and Utah) allow concealed firearms in schools, according to Lauren Heintz, an education research analyst.

  • Why Teachers Should Be Allowed to Carry Guns in Schools

    I believe teachers should be allowed to carry guns in school with the proper training involved. The percentage of school shootings has dramatically increased within the past 15 years and if teachers were able to protect their students children would be safer at school. The government promises families in the United States a safe learning environment for their children, but until teachers have a way to defend their students, this can not be so.

  • Because they have that chance to save lives.

    Makes the kids know that they really care about them more than they think they do and that is saying a lot about the kids that think they don't care about them at all and that makes them wonder if they are really good teachers or bad at their job.

  • Let them have guns

    I don't know what it is with liberals hating us wanting to keep our children safe, it doesn't make any sense to me. Then again I have an IQ of above 0 so someone like me would think of things like that, the left just hates security and liberty .

  • Yes we should let teachers have firearms

    Because we need to protect the kids and the teachers from the criminals and attackers. Some might not have the gut to shot at some one but one will make a big difference. They will have to be train to use a handgun. During one shooting he didn't even counsel his gun. We could of stop it if the teachers have guns.

  • They should have guns

    The reason that i think teachers should have guns is because there will be less shootings and students will be more safe in their school. And more safe students so yes but there are some cases were they shouldn't have guns but besides that they should have them all rights i think.

  • They should have guns

    The reason that i think teachers should have guns is because there will be less shootings and students will be more safe in their school. And more safe students so yes but there are some cases were they shouldn't have guns but besides that they should have them all rights i think.

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  • Teachers having guns is very dangerous.

    No way. Kids would be intimidated. The teachers would use the guns as a threat and maybe the teacher could accidentally pull the trigger. It's dangerous, and crazy. More shooting would be going on, and definitely more killing. I definitely and absolutely do not think school teachers should be allowed to carry guns.

  • No! Teachers should not be allowed to carry guns!

    If children see the gun they could be come frightened. It also encourages violence. In the handbook at my school it says that you cant bring any type of gun including a fake one. If students cant bring guns then why should teachers. Also a child could be curious and see the gun. They might pick it up and if it is loaded then they might kill another kid. Also agree that teachers aren't guards and that the school needs to find a better lock down procedure if they feel the school is unsafe. If I was younger and found out my teacher had a gun or any other weapon then I might get scared when ever she got mad at another student and think she might literally kill them.

  • NO, teachers should not carry guns.

    Because of how stresses humans are and how we usually let our emotions rule our judgement, it is easy to visualize a teacher getting angry at a student and begin to use the firearm in a harmful manner. This is also highlighted by the fact that more often than not, most of the people in this nation have mental/emotional problems that could increase the hazards of an available firearm. Therefore, if America wants to have firearms in the school, teachers are going to have to undergo psychological analysis before getting validated to use a gun.

  • Way to risky

    Students may develop a fear for the teacher. Also students may find the firearm and mishandle it. Schools are not supposed to permit violence, so why allow guns in the school. Also, students may bring in countermeasures and begin in violent acts. Even with proper training, teachers may have a bad day and cause a whole shootout. Also if there is a troubled student, the teacher pulling out a gun is going to make the issue even worse; therefore, more lives may be lost.

  • No dangerous idea

    Teachers with guns in school is a bad idea. Teachers do not have the proper education in gun safety. They now also will have the extra stress of making sure the gun does not fall into the wrong hands. There are way too many problems that can come from a gun in school.

  • No not the place for guns

    I am all for gun ownership in this country as I think it is a right, however there is no need for a gun in a school. Teachers are taught to teach kids many don't know the first thing about guns and should not have the extra stress of worrying about protecting a gun.

  • No, school teachers should not be allowed to carry guns.

    No, school teachers should not be allowed to carry guns because they don't have the training to be trusted with them. Some teachers are elderly or middle aged and what if they have a fight with a student who is bigger and stronger than them and ends up overpowering them and shooting up the school.?

  • No they shouldn't

    Teachers should not be allowed to carry guns on schools. I think that having a gun in a situation is much more likely to increase the level of violence, not decrease the use of guns. I think that rather than teachers having guns that we should have police on every campus.

  • I don't think so.

    I think it is a horrible idea to have guns in the classroom around children. All it would take would be one mistake or oversight where a gun is placed loaded in the wrong place. I think the chance of a child shooting themselves would out weight the rare chance that a teacher would take down a school shooter.

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