• Yes, for the safety of children.

    In any instance of school shootings all that it would have taken to stop the shooter is one good guy with a gun. If people knew that schools were armed it would make a lot less easy of a target for psychopaths. Would you go into a gun shop to commit a murder? No because another armed good person would end your tyrannical rage.

  • Would help kids do better!

    If a student thinks a teacher is going to go crazy, wouldn't it make them do work? That way the teacher would have less of a chance to freak OUT AND SHOOT HIM or her, so they could take it as a type of motivation you know what I mean? So train teachers with guns and quit saying what if! Ha!

  • guns don't kill people, people kill people.

    First of all have a few select teachers go through a background check and get a concealed carry permit. The gun will be out of sight so the students will never even see it until it is needed. Then give them a 9mm with a police style holster where they have to hit a button inside before before they draw the pistol. This will eliminate the problem of the students getting the gun. Have those teachers wear a kevlar vest so in the event of a break in they can they can draw the pistol and go take care of person that is the the threat before they can get to a classroom and kill anyone.

  • Why not?

    Having guns in school insures that your children would be safe. If multiple faculty were armed, no teacher could go crazy either. Limiting who can carry a gun is pointless because statistics show that the majority of shooters obtain guns legally. It is also ridiculous to outlaw high capacity magazines because you can still carry hundreds of rounds if you only wear a jacket.

  • Yes

    there is a time period between when the shooter enters the school and the police arrive at the scene. If a teacher is armed there will be less casualties because the teacher can stop the perpetrator before the police get there. And to those who think kids will get scared us kids play games with guns we have toy guns we aren't scared of them, but we do know that they can be bad when put in the wrong hands. The teachers that do carry guns will have a concealed weapons permit and have gone through strict training before going into school with a gun, so they will know what to do.

    Posted by: nugg
  • Yes they should!

    Most schools are at least 5 minutes away from the police stations, which gives the shooter enough time to shoot minimum a whole classroom!! Guns are very important in every school! The chances may be very low for a school shooting but do you still wanna take those chances? It is very important for student safety!

  • Protect the students!

    If someone decides to shoot up another school, the teachers and staff
    need to be able to protect the lives of the youth and themselves. I'm being home schooled at the moment, but normally I go to a public school. I also have a lot of family in school, and if anything were to happen to them I would be very upset. Teachers need to have a source of protection.

  • Teachers with guns to protect the children.

    I think teachers should have guns because parents today are already trusting teachers with their children's lives during school in case something serious happened like a tornado attack, and of course in this case a man breaking into school with a gun. That is why teachers should be armed. To prevent these things from happening to the students

  • Yes

    Teachers with guns would be the ultimate deterrent for possible killers and provide a safer environment for the children. By selecting a few teachers, giving them extensive background checks, putting them through gun training, and having them have the weapons concealed, our schools would be much safer. What is a better deterrent: No weapons of any kind allowed on school grounds or Teachers are heavily armed and trained and will protect students from any danger? Even if the killer decided to enter the school, how would they possibly be safer with just a plan against a man with a gun than a gun? "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun."-Wayne LePierre. If you do research, there are many school shootings and other attempted mass murders that were stopped/lessened by somebody on premise having a gun.

  • Saftey freedom protecting our future

    Its better to be safe then sorry. When i go to class i dont want there to be even a small thought in my head that i will be dying to get an education. I think it is unfair to be put in a situation where you fear or are always on gaurd and not knowing what will happened next. I personally as a college student do not want to be a sitting duck and die I want people to be there to protect me its ok im not scared of that and the bad guys wont come around no more but if they do they wont achieve what they want.

  • No

    It is not logical. It does't make sense that teachers/principals should have a firearm with them to protect the school. Schools should not be places where they have to keep guns there for protection. Wouldn't it be easier just for the killer to NOT have a gun? Imagine that, problem solved, now no one has a gun or if they have a ban against guns with more than (for example) 10 rounds then someone could of gotten the killer easier and lives would be saved.

  • Get real, people.

    On the same day of the Sandy Hook massacre, a man broke into a school in China stabbing at least 22 students between the age of 6 and 11. Does that mean teachers in China should go to school armed with knives? Guns aren't any safer, I promise. And besides, guns around kids? Who are you kidding?

  • It's not the teachers job to be security officers to!! Their job is to educate the students.

    If they were given that tough responsibility, the students wouldn't get the proper education they need to progress! It would actually put the students and faculty in more danger than ever before!! Anything can happen! The students can get hold of the firearm easily and hurt someone/themselves! Arming teachers with guns is not the answer.

  • Solving the gun problem with more guns?

    Honestly solving the issue of potential school shootings with more guns is stupid. It would have to be securely stored to prevent students from getting to it but then it isn't accessible when you have a crazed student pointing a gun at your head! Gun control is the way forward.

  • No, that is fighting fire with fire.

    It is illogical to assume that inserting more guns into a situation in which no guns should be the standard will solve all of our problems. It is unhealthy to trust human beings with tools wielding the power to take lives in a place that should be inherently free from violence. I do not believe that our teachers are malevolent or inclined to do our students harm, but I do consider them fallible, as all would be people in that situation. The consequences of mistakes made by school teachers with guns are too steep to be ignored, and their margin for abuse is simply too great. Think of it this way: a crowded hallway full of kids stampeding away from a psycho with an automatic. A teacher takes aim at the madman. Do we really want to place our faith in the accuracy of a bullet fired by a non-professional and risk even further trauma? Realistically, that scenario is at best a stalemate. We simply cannot fight fire with fire.

  • Where's the government?

    I'm not a big fan of this because:
    1. Giving teachers guns is like giving a murderer a knife. YOU DON'T. I completely understand what is being said it's used to protect but not all teachers are sane.
    2. For heaven's sakes, isn't this why we have the government? To protect citizens (including our children).
    3. Not all the training in the world can prepare somebody for something like this. NOTHING.
    4. Why don't we just get one cop to sit in front of every school?

  • Really bad idea

    In my opinion i honestly think that it is a really bead idea. Mostly because you would be putting guns around children and could be putting them in even more danger. If a teacher had a gun a student could very easily steal it. And if they put the gun in a safe the teacher wouldn't have enough time to get the gun out and could have already been shot or stabbed. Don't get me wrong it would protect some of the kids but what if the teacher decided to use the gun on the kids or used it on himself and the kids had to watch it. It's not the best idea you gotta remember to look at the down side of things too because not everything is an upside.

  • It is not necessary for teachers to be armed with guns.

    Teachers are there to do one thing. Teach kids. They are not trained to handle firearms. Their training is strictly on teaching. They can try and put teachers through gun training but who's to say they'll want to? Who's to say that they will be any good? The amount of training that they will receive is only four to five hours. That is not near enough time to teach people how to shoot guns, especially the majority of them who have never shot a gun in their life. There is a chance that one of the kids will try and take the gun because they know that the teacher has one and they want to play with it. It is ridiculous that people are sinking down this low to have teachers, some very old, to shoot a weapon.

  • Nope

    Teachers shouldn't carry guns because the kids would have a fear of the teacher being crazy and pulling the gun out. A student could possibly be injured if they found the gun and played with it. My basic point is that students can be shot or hurt if teachers carry guns in schools. I personally think it is dumb to even bring this up. Elementary kids could be scarred if they saw a teacher pull a gun out. The Sandy Hook shooting was a crazy mad man that was out to find his 'mother' who wasn't even in the school at the time. He killed a lot of kids. Think of the parents that were saddened and that a teacher can do the same thing that guy did. Gun's should be banned from every where but the army.

  • no

    Having guns in school is a horrible idea. Think of the elementary school students who are having fun, being happy not caring about what they're doing and see a teacher pull out a gun. Yeah, imagine what they'd grow up to be. Yeah, teachers with guns with have a major influence on the students, and imagine if a crazy student got a hold of the gun. Yeah, it'd be completely dangerous. I know teachers who'd quit because they'd have to carry a gun. Plus, it'd take a long amount of time for the teachers to get trained and be skilled to hold a gun. Also, we won't know if the teachers will be totally trustworthy. There is no complete way to know if they are trustworthy or not.

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Anonymous says2013-03-21T15:26:42.430
so what if one teacher gets mad at one student and shoots him
Anonymous says2013-03-26T14:24:40.490
yes teachers should be allowed to carry guns because less kids will be killed and teachers will have a self defense weapon so the government should let teachers carry guns.
Anonymous says2013-03-27T19:44:24.007
What if the student gets ahold of that gun and shoots someone
Anonymous says2013-03-27T20:23:52.017
To answer the comments above: most likely they would be concealed carrying so it would be hard to tell if that particular teacher has a firearm. Thousands if not millions of law abiding people carry everyday and people do not normally shoot eachother. Most murder is caused by either trailer trash or drug related. Hopefully that kind if person is not a teacher.
Anonymous says2013-04-10T19:20:29.517
No to guns for teachers!!!!!!!!
Anonymous says2013-04-16T15:50:59.833
I do not think teachers should be armed because, well, I have a lot of ideas and it would take to long to wright and I do not have a lot of time.
Anonymous says2013-04-23T17:44:23.373
We should have guns. Yes.
Anonymous says2013-05-11T02:20:59.277
Schools should not be a gun free zone. I train with a gun a couple times a month. Since I am a law abiding citizen,I will not carry on school grounds.If I went insane tomorrow why not do whatever I want to.Legal or not.Believe it or not people who are legal to carry guns do everything to avoid conflict.They are trained,usually enjoy target practice,and believe it to be their right to protect themselves against criminals.If an untrained person with a gun saw the shooter enter,closed their eyes,pointed and pulled the trigger at the killer,how many students would have died? Rid us of the gun free zone and I am sure retired people will volunteer to protect our children.How long is it going to take before people realize criminals don't care about the law,make all of them you can. If a mentally ill person is going to kill why not go where the pickens are easy.Notice you dont see a rise in police station shootings,Nra meeting shootings,Man went nuts at shooting range?,killing all the armed patrons? Wake up!
Anonymous says2013-05-21T19:09:52.730
How do we not who's the killer?
GunSupporter2004 says2019-06-04T21:42:12.030
What if a student or a third party tries an attempt on a school shooting and the teachers/employees have a fire arm and can prevent a shooting from happening?

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