• It needs to be.

    As someone who works in the IT field, I see that it is necessary to keep the technology used in education as recent, and as best as possible. I see to many people who are completely computer illiterate, which negatively impacts the workforce. Keeping educational technology on the cutting edge is vital.

  • Not that it should that it's inevitable

    With the country trying to find ways to save costs and save the environment, it's likely that schools will venture into the arena with students being provided school controlled tablets in order to do their work. It only makes sense now that we are getting into a more advanced technilogical age, our children are going to be the forerunners of what type of societies will exist in the future. Schools will build up these children to be computer engineers, scientists, doctors, etc. And with the internet with so much information out there available for the taking these kids intellect will improve dramatically. Not to mention the load of books that I was used to carrying around in school will be a thing of the past, all they'll have to carry is their tablet containing all of their digital books, assignments, tests, and quizzes. The only problem that I know some will scorn on me about this is the cost of the tablets. I say yes in the beginning it will be a bit costly but at the long term affects.

  • Better Learning for students

    At our school we have dells from 2005 but in other classrooms we have chromebooks. I think the schools should get all chromebooks and save there money from competitive sports. W w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

  • Yes it should

    We should be constantly upgrading our technology as technology upgrades in society. Many kids live in families who can't afford to stay abreast with the latest gadgets and it can really put the, at a disadvantage as technology will form such a strong and important part of their future. This should be of top priority.

  • Why are students forced to live in the Stone Age?

    Why must American students use up to ten year old computers when we plan to wear our computers as glasses next year? Think about that. Then acknowledge the benefits to the economy with deals with Google, Microsoft and Apple. A boost to our economy, and a boost in education and technology. Remember also that when those students get out of school that they are going to be paying taxes. When you pay taxes, you funnel money back into the government. The more those students get paid, the more that they are taxed. What the government puts in now gets doubled later. Simple math, simple idea. A win-win for everyone.

  • No because of the following reason.

    With recent technology introduction to school kit they will get the practice in that but they cannot come know basics of all those technology first school student should have to be introduced in their subject to the basic technology later on they will gain the experience in the diploma and graduate courses.
    The major drawbacks of these new technology to the student is only rich persons can join the schools rather than every one.

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