• They are not necessary

    I know that some Schools have their own rules, but why do some make their students wear uniforms? That's so dumb, but by no means is it a bad thing, I just don't think that some students should be prohibited from wearing what they wear, unless if what they want to wear is inappropriate.

  • Nothing wrong with a uniform.

    Simply put, a uniform is just another piece of clothing. Sure, the stricter schools might want you to iron them daily (and that I can't stand the idea of) but honestly, the uniform is almost like an identity. You're showing that you're part of the school, and it's easier for the staff to tell who is and isn't a student with a uniform. As well as that, I found that I have a much harder time doing schoolwork when I wasn't in uniform. Formal attire can help the mind focus, as it tells you that you aren't at home and it's time to do some work.

  • Uniforms are good!

    Some people have uniforms from their school, and its stressful for them. My school used to have uniforms (good i wasn't alive yet) and people had a big struggle washing and drying them. Some people dont even have a washing and drying machine to use! Uniforms would be really annoying if i had them.

  • Yes they should be

    People should be allowed to dress any way they want at any time. Its unfair to force someone to wear specific clothes. Most school uniforms have gender stereotypes like girls should wear dresses and skirts and boys should wear button down shirts. What if a boy wants to wear a dress? What if you're not a boy or a girl?

  • It would be beneficial

    It would save money on schools and that school money should be saved for more dire needs but instead it's used on clothes that could need special washing because of what it's made of.What if it's torn? You now have nothing to wear and you can't go to school until it's fixed. You may think it's not a lot of money to make but it's 100$ each so why do they pay that much for clothes that no one likes

  • What's wrong with uniforms?

    They're just pieces of clothing that you wear. It also goes to represent the school and say you had non-uniform on. They wouldn't recognise what school you were in. But if you had a uniform they would know what school you were at and makes things a whole lot easier!

    I do not have any idea why people want a piece of clothing banned for no particular reason.

  • Uniforms are good in schools

    You've probably found yourself looking at someone else's clothing and thinking "I wish I could afford to wear something like that" or "If only I was actually that stylish". This is something that crosses the mind of many people in schools. It can be a source of decreased self esteem for those who might not be able to afford the same cloths as their peers. Uniforms eliminate this. When everyone is wearing the same thing, people must judge each other based on things other than the brand of shoe they're wearing or the price tag of that new shirt.

    Posted by: izz0

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