Should school uniforms be mandatory in middle school?

  • School uniforms are a bad idea

    I think school should only be for elementary kids not middle school i think we should wear we want to school like jeans ,shorts ,and sandals and tea shirts thst wat i think we should do .Instead of wearing uniforms were jeans and how with me that they do instaed of we have to tuck in our shirts lets us were them out

  • Yes I think school uniforms should be madatory

    I thinks uniforms should be madatory because kids won't be bullied as often over his clothes or they won't get mugged for being reach and having good clothes they help them get use to wearing uniforms so for interviews they can be use to dressing neatly and have a better chance of getting a job.

  • I like uniforms

    I like the thought of having kids wear uniforms for a lot of reasons. One is that as a parent it would be so muc easier to figure out what my kids were going to wear. Second, as a teacher the school looks much more professional when all the kids have uniforms.

  • Uniforms Are Great

    Given that kids in middle school are often the ones with the meanest spirits and most trouble interacting with their peer group, I believe uniforms are a great idea for middle schools. Uniforms help to create a more neutral environment in class rooms, which can make a huge difference to this age group.

  • Yes they should be required

    I think that at the middle school level that uniforms should be made mandatory. If it is made mandatory it will teach middle school students how to dress the appropriate way and help them build character. As they get older they will then be less likely to dress too provocatively.

  • Uniforms are completely unnecessary

    Coming from a student, uniforms are a drag. It's upsetting putting on a uniform everyday to go to school instead of being able to express yourself. The worst part is, is that with uniforms the school doesn't give you any freedom to express how you feel the next day .

  • Uniforms are very expensive at times.

    Polos and cackis/slacks are very expensive every year, because you grow each year. I have a friend who had this very problem in elementary school. I mean seriously, how could a teacher with a kid who goes to a uniform-required school be able to pay for it every year?
    Overall, I think uniforms shouldn't be mandatory.

  • No, they shouldn't

    At that young an age we're supposed to be encouraging individuality, not promoting conformity. School uniforms have nothing to do with the quality of the education a student receives, it merely constricts what they choose to wear. I really don't see why that would be anybody's goal, to what end?

  • No. I do not believe school uniforms should be mandatory in middle school.

    No. I do not believe school uniforms should be mandatory in middle school, because students should be allowed to wear whatever they want, as long as it isn't inappropriate. The way people dress is a form of self expression, and students should be allowed to express themselves with their fashion style.

  • No, school uniforms should never be mandatory.

    School uniforms suppress children in yet another way than they already are. Children are constantly suppressed in their choices on a daily basis with no say in what they are doing. The choice of what to wear to school is one of their very limited outles to express themselves so to take this away would be detrimental to their well being.

  • Uniforms are not necessary

    While private schools still require students to wear uniforms, I think during this day and age, students should be allowed to wear what they see fit, as long as fits the respected guidelines of their particular school. It's a way for them to express themselves, without being offensive to other students.

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