Should school uniforms be mandatory in primary and secondary schools?

  • i dont like them

    i have to wear them everyday and we would save a lot of money if we could just wear our clothes i hope one day the will burn all of the uniforms in the world some people dont have money to buy new uniforms every year. i know people like that and the school has to give them money to buy the uniforms and this year the school is not giving them the money they need. i gave her some of mine i never thought that a school could be so rude and all of the teachers get to where anything they want and im happy that they dont get payed a lot so the jokes on them.

  • I agree school uniforms should be mandatory in primary and secondary schools because it relieves parents and lessens prejudices.

    School is a place to learn, not to flaunt fashion, wealth or privilege. Unfortunately as it stands now kids spend so much time being stressed out about popularity and social standing that they hardly have the energy to learn anything valuable. School uniforms would take some of that pressure away because when everyone is dressed the same there really isn't much room for discrimination. Kids can therefore be judged by their peers on their own merits, not by what brand of jeans they wear. Parents as well can benefit because buying uniforms is much cheaper and less stressful than spending obscene amounts of time and money purchasing a varied wardrobe, often for more than one child at a time.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • I agree that school uniforms should be mandatory in primary and secondary schools, since it saves parents money.

    Having more than one child attend school becomes very expensive. Having school uniforms in place provides the opportunity to have a one-stop shopping moment at the beginning of the school year. The only other items you'd have to worry about as a parent are the coats, school bags and possibly shoes if there aren't guidelines or specific shoes that need to be purchased as well. I am a parent of two children who has lived the experience and would opt for uniforms hands down. It also allows children to focus on education, not on what everyone else is wearing.

    Posted by: ToughRafael76
  • I do think school uniforms should be mandatory in primary and secondary schools to ensure that the focus of the children is on their education.

    So many people argue that school uniforms curb children's ability to express themselves. But, in a school setting, I believe that their focus should be entirely on their education, and that uniforms not only eliminate a number of distractions, but equalize the school population.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Clothing is a distraction for all youth and therefore uniforms would improve student performance.

    School uniforms have many benefits. Some argue they curb originality, but I argue the removal of showing originality via their clothing, children are forced to prove who they are as people. It has been shown that uniformed children are less distracted, and it also eliminates distinguishing children based on their social and economic standing.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • Uniforms Are Bad!

    Well, the 2-lines idea (when you go into class) and the uniforms idea, they make up the army. So when they wear uniforms, they feel like they are in the army. Then they punch, swear, and do things like an army soldier does.

    Uniforms make students like me slaves. Well, uniforms can cause depression and may even make themselves commit suicide.

    What if everyone looked the same? Had the same job? Wore the same? Learned the same? The skin colour the same? The body the same? Everything same? Their interests same? THAT WOULD BE BORING. So PLEASE ban uniforms. Ty

  • Uniform are better

    Not wearing uniform, differentiates between rich and poor. But if won't, shows equality and you can identify different schools from uniforms. Casual clothes have to be brought more and more and can also get messy where as uniforms if messy can be washed without the colour being wiped out. The patterns on casual cloths can distract you from studies.

  • Uniforms help in life

    School uniforms help you focus in your school work instead of playing with your hair. (Girls) They as well give you a heads up when you grow up and get a job because jobs usually have uniforms. They as well help parents and teachers to find the student since they know what they are wearing.

  • Schools should make uniforms mandatory.

    Because It separates the difference between the pore and the Rich who can't afford to have good clothes and can be a target for bullying. Or the opposite it can stop the opportunity for bullies to conceal weapons and if the do not look like a bully are they really much of one.

  • I think they should

    I totally agree that kids should have to wear uniforms to school because it definitely takes off the pressure of teenagers trying to look a certain way and fit in with the so called "popular" kids they have plenty of time to express themselves outside of school. School is a place to learn its not a fashion show runway.

  • No real benefit.

    It doesn't help a child learn better or really help them in any viable way. Also, there is the fact that parents would be forced to buy the uniforms, potentially making them spend money that they might need for bills or food. And then there is the fact that these uniforms would most likely be very cheaply made, so it would be a waste of money for the family in question. And while uniforms would keep children from wasting money on the latest fads and such, a parent could do exactly the same thing by teaching their child how to think logically and rationally. "Do you really need this?" "Does this help you?". If parents taught their children simple questions like this, I'm sure that today's, and future, generations would benefit from it far greater than they would if they "learned" it from a uniform.

  • You have to pay more money to buy the uniforms

    Instead of buying your children uniforms, you should instead have your children wear the clothes they already own and not having to pay any money. Also, uniforms make all of the children in a school look the same, and that is not beneficial because it is good to have differences because that is what makes you special.

  • Uniforms take away self expression

    As a teenager, I think that we should be able to wear any reasonable garment of clothing to school. We are already told what to do by parents, and teachers. We should be able to express ourselves through clothing. We SHOULD NOT have to wear what our school tells us to. (I mean a few guidelines is perfectly fine.) I challenge ANYONE who says that uniforms are the best thing for children and that clothes are distractions to us.

  • Not A Chance.

    Every child and every human has the right to express themselves whether it be through clothes or words. A uniform will not only make them part of a drone, but will never change the nature of bullies. The uniform will not help bullying. It will annoy a child, bore a child. School uniforms are generally uncomfortable and take awhile to put on. They are unnecessary and a nuisance to the kids.

  • School uniforms should not be required in primary and secondary schools since many families can not afford them.

    Requiring uniforms for primary and secondary school kids would be a big mistake. Not only are there many families that can't afford the additional expense, but there are many kids that need to express themselves and do so through clothes. There are kids that won't fit properly into uniforms, as bodies are different yet the uniforms are made like cookie cutters.

    Posted by: OddFrancesco97
  • Uniforms should NOT be mandtory.

    If you have a school uniform, you would look like everyone else. By dressing yourself, you are able to display your creativity and character. If you had to wear a school uniform, no one would know how you felt about your clothing or about yourself. Also, people often judge your look.

  • School uniforms should not be mandatory in primary and secondary schools because many parents can not afford to provide them.

    There are pros and cons to this question.

    School uniforms would at least mitigate the tendency of children to form cliques or "packs". This would undoubtedly cut down on the bullying now prevalent at these ages. School uniforms would also help keep gang colors and symbols out of the classroom. In addition, it might help focus young minds on school work rather than style trends--at least during school hours.

    Many parents would be hard-pressed to pay for school uniforms, which would need to be provided in addition to their child's existing clothing. This becomes a serious burden if there are several children in the household. It may also be necessary to replace these uniforms every one or two years, as the child undergoes a growth spurt. If there were tax deductions offered, or if the school district provided these uniforms, then the financial burden would be eliminated.

    There is another potential pitfall. America has always prided itself on its ability to be creative--to innovate. Would putting children in uniforms send a mixed message to them? Would we be saying that, yes, be creative, think outside-the-box, innovate--but don't you dare look any different from the child sitting next to you.

    Posted by: CI3Iike
  • Expensive!

    When students can wear civilian clothes to school, the parents can decide where to shop for them and have the option of buying them from a discount store or during the sale season. With a uniform, the expenses increase. Each child needs to have a few sets of uniforms (and the number goes up if the students have different kinds of uniforms for different activities like classes, sports, etc.) which she is bound to outgrow in a matter of months. This means that the parents will have to buy the child another complete set of uniforms, and also other clothes that the child can wear after school and on the weekend. This is an expensive proposition. Rather than spending money on buying a uniform which their ward will never get to wear outside the school premises, the same can be used in buying books or other stuff which will actually be of some good use for their children.

  • They may be embarrassing when students from other schools see uniforms.

    I personally think that school uniforms should not be mandatory. For example if a student is going on the bus in their school uniform which they personally think is embarrassing and a bully from another school is wearing designer clothes, what will happen? The student wearing the school uniform will get bullied because of the embarrassing uniform, which means that this rule will not prevent bullying but instead change the bully which may cause more problems considering that the bully might be more than three years older than the student wearing the school uniform.

  • No mandatory uniforms for schools.

    Kids don't get a chance to express themselves if they are mandated to wear uniforms. Sure, the schools want to have a good looking image on the public and to set an example of ethics, but if schools require kids to wear uniforms, the right to express yourself goes out the window.

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Anonymous says2013-03-05T14:30:29.433
This is so true, everyschool need a unifrom. It makes people feel like they belong together. :)