• Fashion Show in school

    If you don't wear uniforms in school, You will be crazy and make a fashion show and you don't focus on learning. YOU ARE CRAZY IF YOU don't WEAR A UNIFORM. Recomend: Twice Yes or Yes. Blackpink Ddu Du Ddu, BTS Idol


  • They consider safety

    The kids safety is also on their uniform as in field trips or when kids go out for some competion they can be recognized from distances and they also should feel the pride when wearing the uniform and their parents can also be relieved by the uniform safety in school.

  • Of course yes!

    I now study at a university, which means there are no uniforms. I really miss those days, when I used to be a student. I really loved my uniform even everyone thought it was ugly. Wearing the same things like everybody makes me feel equal and more easy to choose clothes to school every morning.
    I love uniforms.

  • The uniform can recognize a student’s age clearly.

    In Taiwan, there are no students in junior high school or senior high school without wearing uniform. It's a culture of Taiwan education. The following are some points why I support wearing uniform.

    First of all, a student's work is studying instead of spending time on their appearance. Therefore, I think that only by wearing the same clothes may not students compare who wears beautifully or who is ugly. Additionally, in the school, it looks tidy and comfortable that every student wears the same when the principle stands on the stage. The uniform is also feature of a school because every school has its own uniform. The most important of all, only when you are a student can you wear uniform. If you miss this opportunity, you never have the chance any more.

    Because of these reasons, I support wearing uniform. To sum up, wearing uniform is the privilege of students and we should value it.

  • A great example of society and its rules.

    School uniforms should be necessary for students during school. It's true that it limits students' freedom of dressing up in accordance of their personality, but school uniforms discourage discriminations between students because of their apparel.
    Most importantly, students stay organised, focused on what school is about. School uniforms give off the importance of attending school, remind students of their daily task. Some could say that it's an example of setting rules in students' later years. When attending work, employees are asked to dress formally. There's a certain dress code - an unbroken rule for workers. That's what school uniforms prepare students for. Such restrictions in other working environments.

  • It has been scientifically proven

    Yes because i think it will be awesome to wear and you can wear it every day. Also you dont have to wear what you mom picks out what is UGLY and also you could wear it to weddings and when you go some where nice. And church. By 4rth graders

  • I think they should be allowed in schools

    School uniforms should be in school because they are so they wont have to pick out close in the morning. And nobody will get judged by what they wear because everyone will be wearing the same thing. So that is why school uniforms should be allowed in schools by 4th graders

  • It's Been Scientifically Proven

    It's been scientifically proven that dressing up makes people more focused on the task at hand, and more productive. Of course school uniforms should be mandatory. It also teaches kids about appropriate fashion. I wear a shirt and tie to school everyday and I love it, to be quite honest.

  • They are painfull

    The belts hurt and pols and khackis are too expensive and ugly looking.Also you can´t show what kind of person you are and what clothes you like to wear.And dress code was designed is so that you don´t get made fun of but people still bully kids in dress code.

  • School uniforms should not be allowed

    School uniforms should not be allowed because it does not show who that person really is .School uniforms are very expensive and cost lots of money for just a pair of pants . For example school uniform pants are about 26 dollars and school shirts are about 36 dollars and that is a lot in all . What if you have about 8 family members and they get taller very quick that is too much money . So to end this post kids should be out of uniform because it shows them who thy really are .

  • They shouldn't be allowed in school

    School uniforms should not be allowed in school because its just not fair! Kids are not able to express themselves. They are stuck there with everyone wearing the exact same thing. Its not fair that they always have to wear the same exact thing everyday. Some kids can't even afford to get all the uniforms. They would be stuck with nothing! Everybody has some sort of taste in style. I have been to many schools in my life, not one kid got teased for their clothes. Besides, they can just ignore and find other friends. Bullying is going to happen but there are ways to solve it.


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  • No uniforms for schools!

    I have been to two schools this year and one had uniforms and the other didn't and the uniforms were expensive and uncomfortable and completely useless and free dress every day is mush better because people have their own styles and fav type of clothing and it makes them happier people.

  • No Uniforms For School

    People are bound to have differences in taste, and a school has no right to limit their freedom. My school has a very loose dress code, but everybody is fine. Nobody in my memory has ever been teased for clothes, instead my school practices something called ignoring, excluding, and just sticking with certain friends.

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