• Its better to have 4 days of school

    Who needs 1 more day of school come on its okay just 4 days and Friday can be a day off and we don't have to have early release day either I mean 8 hours in middle school and all we do is sit in a chair and listen teachers these days they don't even teach they just show so losing a day of school wont hurt and a 3 day weekend sounds great

  • Only 4 days o school

    I made this DEBATE because school gets boring while you are listing to a teacher for 7 hours of your day that being bored 1/4 of your day. Scientist say that you learn more at home than school. If this happens so many students would be happy.KIDS DO NOT NEED A FULL EDUCATION FOR SUCCESS!

  • Of course it should!!

    I made this DEBATE because my 6th grade teacher SUCKS i would like less time away from her (not to be rude.) all she does is YELL YELL YELL AND YELL. At everyone for everything. It is sooooo annoying come on who is with me should school be four days or what?

  • NO i think it should stay five days long

    Walker: I think That kids should stay in school for five days a week because on fridays what are you gonna do during the free time you have? Be lazy, i'm guess,maybe sit around and play video games and playing with friends or hanging around on the streets when you’re parents aren't home and they don't know where you are or what your doing. Let's put it this way, kids need to have five days to exercise their learning potential. Anything that's too much will just burn them out and something less will not be efficient, also it will prepare them for the future when they have to work five days a week.
    Also in grades 9,10,11,12 most people won't be able to finish their schoolwork, also those grades are some of the most important ones of your life. So it really matters that we still have 5 days of school so you don't have to worry about homework as much.If you only had school four days per week I feel in some cities crime would go up with kids just on the streets an extra day of the week, a day where all their parents are at work....Who knows what could happen.This could be dangerous,

  • No more time in school!

    If we have 4 days we will have longer school days dont vote yes it would just stink ok it would suck dont vote yes vote no ok h h h h h h h hb h h h hh h h hh h h hh hhh h h h

  • While I was at school I would have said yes.

    But while I and most school kids would like it I can ow see why we can't do it I would say the school day should be shortened so instead of finishing at 3:30 maybe finish at 2 like the USA to give kids more time for private study or to work on projects. But a whole day no I don't think that would work.

  • No, definitely not

    I'm in my second to last year of school, and I wouldn't be able to keep up with all my schoolwork if there were only 4 days in a school week. Sure, having a 3 day weekend would be nice, but in the long run, it wouldn't be beneficial on our learning, and that's the most important thing. In saying that, I don't go to an American school, nor do I know much about the American school system other than that it's quite bad. Maybe in America it could be a good idea if all the work could be taught in a 4 day period, but other than that, I definitely think it should stick as a 5 day school week/

  • No I don't

    Kids need to stay in school for the full five days because when we do give them the extra day, they think that they can wander and not even think of the things they need to remember the next day for school. They will forget everything the learned the week before.

  • Kids need school more than they think

    No if you only had school four days one I feel in some cities crime would go up with kids just on the streets an extra day of the week, a day where all their parents are at work....... Who knows what would happen. Next our education is so poor at the moment lets not drop down past under-developed countries. Also it wouldn't be as great as you think that is an extra day to give more work out and more time to give bigger projects. Oh and that is less instruction so if you didn't get something you'd have to learn it by yourself.......... Just wait for college you go at your own pace if your willing to pay.

  • No, not at all.

    First of all: I don't even know why I'm commenting on this. I'm driven to.

    If anything we need more school days, kid. Look your teacher probably isn't even that bad. It's just the way you're looking at it. The school system in America sucks these days. Seriously, we are falling behind all of the other countries. We need to step it up and students need to buckle down, appreciate what their teachers do for them, and get good grades.

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