Should schools accommodate those students that are transgender?

Asked by: PinValentine
  • Yes they should

    No discrimination allowed in schools. Schools should not be forced to make unnecessary changes to their schedules or buildings to accommodate one person or a couple people but there should be an understanding among students and teachers that transgender people should be treated equally and that transgender people should not deal with bullying or discrimination.

  • Schools have a responsibility to its transgender students.

    Students with various problems go to teachers, counselors, and other staff for various reasons. Some times students feel more comfortable getting advice, information, and help from faculty rather than friends, who might ridicule them, or family who might disown them.

    In the school I went to boy's were not aloud to wear girls cloths. I saw a boy get suspended for wearing a skirt. She was openly Transgender, and was wearing what made her comfortable. She got punished for it.

    Girls were not aloud into boy's classes, such as gym, and were not aloud in boys sports. The same is said for boys.

    I think that if a born boy identifies as a female, then the school should allow him to wear what makes him comfortable within the parameters of the dress code, to be enrolled in female only classes, and to be involved in female sports.

    Thousands of transgender kids go through middle and high school depressed because they are not aloud to be with the gender they identify as. Instead they are forced to dress in what makes them uncomfortable, be involved in classes that focus on their birth genders rather than their identity, and cannot play sports because they cannot play with their identified gender.

    Had I felt safe coming out in high School, I would have love to play girl's volleyball, and be more active in ROTC. But my school wouldn't accommodate the four other transgender people I knew, and so I knew they wouldn't accommodate me. I was not aloud to be on the girls volley ball team, and I had to wear a males uniform in ROTC, which made me not to be in the military.

    I don't want any kids to go through the anxiety I felt, and I know it is pretty much unavoidable. But schools should be able to help. Not make them feel worse.

  • Transgender students have their rights to use the bathroom that corsponds to their sex!

    I have a family member who is bulling because she is transgender. She has tried to explain, go to counsiling, even talk to her priciple if she can be moved into privte classes. Her final responce was suiside, she was found before she cut deep enough. She now goes to school ever day thinking about what she has done and other people done to her./

  • Why they shouldn't ?

    Education is a fundamental right and thus can not be denied to any person, no matter sex orientation, gender, or, any other personal characteristics.
    Also, human dignity is a fundamental right. And for that, discrimination against minorities for those reasons listed before can not only be considered illegal, but also goes against democracy and civil rights.

  • There is no reason to.

    The purpose for schools is to teach the children thing to help them become productive members of society. There is nothing impeding a transgender student from gaining the same education so no need for special accommodations. In cases of physically handicapped students, we accommodate them by placing ramps and elevators but seeing that transgender students have no barriers, they do not need accommodations.

    To respond to your answer: I am glad that the school does discourage cross-dressing. If a student dresses too far away from the normal, he makes himself a target of other students and an unnecessary distraction.
    Example: What if a student identified themselves as a nudist? If so then they would also feel more comfortable nude. Should we allow the student to come to school naked or should we insist they obey the dress code?
    Actually, I don't think people are born LGBT but only identify with it.

  • Sometimes you cannot change who you are.

    You are born male or female. Like people say about homosexuality, "it's not a choice." I can tolerant homosexuality because their argument for it is logical because it's not a choice. Transgender's argument, on the other hand is illogical because it conflicts with homosexuality's argument. It's not a choice whether you are male or female. You just have to suck it up and accept yourself for who you are. You have to accept that you can not control everything about you. You cannot choose to be cheese if you are clearly a human.

  • Sometimes you cannot change who you are.

    You are born either male or female. In this case, you don't get to decide. The argument for homosexuality is that it's not a choice. I accept that argument, but since I do I cannot accept transgender's argument because they conflict with one another. If homosexuality isn't a choice then your gender isn't a choice either. If you are born male, guess what your a male. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and learn to accept who you are. Gender is something you cannot control about yourself. Sorry if this offends you, but some people need tuff love.

  • Schools should not accommodate students based on how they feel.

    There should not be accommodations for how people feel. The transgender way of thinking is all based upon how someone feels regarding their gender. This way of thinking is ridiculous. Think of an apple claiming it is a banana and with it's whole heart the apple believes it is in fact a banana. It might even be taller than the other apples or have the same yellow color as a banana but will never be sold in a store as a banana. Now I am not relating this to selling people in any way. All I am saying is that it is ridiculous to make accommodations for a person simply on the fact that they feel a certain way. I am 18 years old but let's say that I feel like a 65 year old man. Can I apply for Medicare? No. In the same way that we can look at my birth certificate or look at my bone age through testing to determine my date of birth, we can look at a persons genetic makeup or gender at birth and determine whether or not a person is a man or a woman. Even Caitlyn Jenner with all of his surgery is genetically a man even though Caitlyn may have female parts. So no we should not provide multi stall gender neutral restroom in high schools solely based on how a person may feel.

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