• Yes why not

    Why shouldnt they? Restricting certain genders to play certain sports is sexist. I know plenty of guys who enjoy playing volleyball. I think coed teams are great but there should be a boys volleyball team because boys get a little more aggressive during the game and have a tendency to take the spotlight from girls.

  • Guys should be aloud to play

    Guys should be allowed to play volleyball because first of all girls play football and some wrestle, And those are considered guy sports so I don´t see why guys can´t play girl sports. Plus I know some guys that enjoy playing volleyball and would love to be on a team.

  • Yes they should

    Yes they should because if girls are allowed then so should boys. The world we live in makes us divided as Girl and Boy when there is more then that. Our world is sexist and that not right. Our world things the lgbtq is bad when it isn't thats why boys should play volleyball

  • Boys should be allowed to have volleyball teams in schools.

    In my school when we have in door recess and the volleyball nets are up the boys that want to play the girls on the volleyball team and sometimes there are more boys playing than there are girls. So its completely and totally sexist that boy's can't have volleyball teams of their own.

  • This needs to be fixed.

    This is all sexiest boys can do the same thing that girls can do. So they should also have a girls football team. But still this is sexist to all the boys that are only good at volleyball and no other sport they can't even do any sports until college, and that is unacceptable.

  • They absolutely should

    Most schools have separate teams for most sports as it is: baseball/softball, girl's/boy's basketball, soccer, swimming, ect., ect. Why not create a boy's volleyball team? My college has one, as well as a co-ed team. Everyone should be allowed to enjoy any sport! It's not like it'll ruin the school.

  • They really should !¡ :-d

    Im a girl I think they should let them play with us, because back in the old days they let boys play with girls. I mean they should change in different locker rooms of course I mean no guys are looking at me.But like dodge ball is fun with boys and so is kick ball. But then there's a nother side of it because puberty what if girls start in the middle of gym that wont be good at all oh man that's embarrassing to think about that . Put in your comment!! O:-)

  • Yes i agree

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  • Yes, the boys would enjoy it.

    Yes, schools should allow boys volleyball, because many boys would enjoy playing it. Men's volleyball is an Olympic sport. There is nothing particularly girly about it. It is unfair to allow girls to participate in this sport, but not have a way for the boys to do the same thing. They would enjoy it, and it is a lifetime sport.

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