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  • Cell phones in free time

    Free time is when all work is done not when you have stack of papers to do.It is also when the teacher says you can play on your phone you cant just pull out your phone and start playing it.And when you are done with work you must tell your teacher and have here make shour it is all done.

  • Phones in class

    Schools should allow phones in school because they are a good and help them on homework in class and we can listen to music while the kids do their work or homework in class. The cellphones are a privilege that you have to earn and kids have to be careful with them because they can creak in peices.

  • {Monique Woodring} It could go either way, but I think yes.

    This argument could be taken both ways. I think that cell phones during school hours should be allowed in strictly high school. I feel that it would be convenient to contact your coaches, parents, etc. about practices, appointments, emergencies, being ill and rearrangements. Teenagers have a busy, chaotic life. Not being able to communicate with anybody outside of the school building can be hectic more often than not. Also, technology is becoming a big role in the world of education. It is much quicker to research information on your phone, which provides us with more useful class time. However, there are always those people that take advantage of the privileges granted to us as students. Ones that cause their cell phones to be a distraction to them and others around them, should have the privilege taken away. Overall, I believe that having the gift to use our cell phones for quick researching and communicating with others outside of the building is a great/sufficient idea.

  • Phones should be allowed

    Cell phones should be allowed in school because you can do a lot of things in the classroom with them. Teens would not abuse the privilege, because they know it would be easily taken away. Also, we could use them at lunch, because we are not learning anything. Everyone would be quiet and not disturb the teachers.

  • Phones should be allowed in school

    I think that phones should be allowed in school because they will help students learn and it would give students a sense of freedom. A small number of students would just play games and not listen to the teacher, but that,s there problem and it shouldnt, stop everyone else from having phones at school

  • I think cell phones should be allowed during class-Morgan Johnson

    They can be used for many educational things. We use computers for so much and phones are even more convenient. When you have down time in the class you can listen to music. Cell phones almost always work and they are really convenient. There are a lot of different apps that can be used in the classroom.

  • Having School's allow students to have their Phone's in Class can keep them awake.

    How letting students have their phone's in class can keep students awake how is that when students are on their Phone's, Teachers can assign something for them to do. When their engaged in that thing that the Teacher assigned the Student's, it can keep the Student's awake in class without having to worry about some Student's falling asleep.

  • They can learn

    They can keep in touch with their parents and in an emergency they can call. Parents can also track their phones and see where they are going or doing. They can also keep in touch with their parents or peers on not feel lonely. That is why i think that phones should be allowed.

  • All the many joys of 21st century learning right at our fingertips.

    With many students owning cell phones and technology that supports the use of mobile devices, it would only seem right for cellphones to be allowed for an interactive lesson or quiz. Many applications on a device's app store also provide educational games and activities. Therefore, phones should be used in class to learn as 21st century students.

  • It would be too distracting

    The students would get distracted and would not learn as much. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Nick Paternostro They should not be allowed.

    I think that phones should not be allowed. This cuts down on communication skills, social skills, and academic skills. If you are too focused on your phone, you will not pay attention to anything but your phone, causing grades to drop. Phones can also be used to cheat. Someone can sneak a phone and look up answers during a test or graded assignment. If you rely too much on your phone, you will grow to not rely on anything but yourself and this will cause so much skills to drop in school

  • Nick Paternostro Should not be allowed.

    I think cell phones in school is a very stupid idea. Phones take your attention away from what you are doing and put it towards your phone. It will make grades drop slowly because the longer the students have their phones out, the more they will focus on their phones. Cell phones also take away social skills. You will not do as well in school if you lack social skills because you will not feel s confident getting some needed help. This is caused by phones. Phones should not be allowed because of cheating. Someone could sneak their phone and look up answers during a test or use it on classwork. It takes away student's effort to get a good grade.

  • Are they really necessary?

    Cellphones are a pretty big distraction. Yes, you could use them in school to take notes, do online class activities, quicker research, and other things. However, the cons overtake the pros in this debate. All teens (who have a phone) text, basically. So, during class, since the teacher can't really take the phone away because the student will pull the "but phones are allowed in school" card, students will probably just text friends in their class or a different class and not absorb any information. Yeah, the teacher could make it a rule to have them out and he/she could collect them or something, but all this work could be avoided by just not permitting their use during school. All in all, it seems to me that the cons out way the pros in this argument.

  • Cellphones Shouldn't Be In Schools

    Cellphones shouldn't be allowed in school because they are incredibly distracting. It's hard for a student to learn when they are bust always checking their phones and not really engaging with the class. Students that are constantly checking their phones are not only hurting themselves, but they are also distracting others around them with their blatant checking of texts among other things.

  • Cellphones should not be allowed in class.

    I believe cellphones should not be allowed in class because they would cause students to get off topic. Students would not pay attention during class if they were able to use their phones, and honestly cellphones do not really have a use in the classroom. For instance, what resources would a cellphone give a student that they do not already have? In a lot of schools today, a student easily has access to laptops or computers in their classrooms. In many of my classes students use laptops and computers everyday in order to read online textbooks, do projects, type essays, and they even use laptops as online dictionaries. Also, students are provided with a calculator for their math and science classes, so there really is no point in allowing a student to use their cellphones in class because the cellphones would not help the student excel. Therefore, allowing students to have cellphones in class would do nothing but distract them and get them off topic.

  • Phones are not necessary.

    I don't believe that phones should be used in class. First off, phones are major distraction. I personally know students that use their phones in class even when it's banned and it's a huge distraction. They barely absorb any knowledge of that class. Students would even less willing to listen to their teachers when they find their phones more interesting. Secondly, many people say that phones would be useful for the certain apps that are available on them, but I say that there are other forms of technology that can accomplish the same goals. Limited phone use may be acceptable if there is a program that students would want reminders with, since people always have their phones on them. Phones take away from the overall focus of a student, but I'm sure that over time the use of phones will become allowed when schools are able to make them only be used for educational purposes. Right now they're too easy of a distraction and can't be controlled.

  • Phones should not be allowed in school.

    I dont think phones should be allowed in schools. There are more cons than there are pros about the topic. If students are allowed phones in the classroom there will be a lot of distractions. Stundents will be too engaged in their phones to engage in class. Students would also have access to things not school related and they would be able to cheat. Phones arent needed because schools also have access to computers. If phones were allowed in school there would be a lot of problems.

  • I do not think cell phones should be allowed while in the classroom

    To start off, as much as i hate to admit it, cell phones are a huge distraction to anyone. And if students were allowed to use them in class they would not get the most out of their education. Although, i do believe cell phones should be allowed outside of class and at lunch. Lunch, activiity period, or any other time outside of class is our free time and there is no reason phones should not be allowed, as long as we are not using them innaproprietly

  • Of course not, they'd probably just mess around with it

    In my opinion, schools should not allow in cellphones in class, but could use it out of class.
    First, students would take advantage of the fact that they are able to use their phones. The students will just ignore the teacher and focus on their phone, thus making them not know the lesson as they haven't been paying attention, which will cause as a downfall in their future.
    Second, students will cheat with it. Even today in classrooms, where phones are not allowed, people still cheat. What will happen if they have access to a phone? They will just search the internet and/or message someone to ask for an answer.
    Even though I think that phones should not be used in class, they can be used outside of class, like in their campus. They can use it to call their family in case of family emergencies and whatnot. Even if they do use it to do other things, at least they're not learning anything at the moment.

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