• Yes you should be aloud to clown around

    I believe that clowning around to a certain extent. I believe that as long as we get all of our work done. People clowining around make sad people happy. People make friends by clowining aroud. Some people dont have any friends at all. Do you really want to stop people from making friends?

  • Class clowns should be allowed.

    I think that class clowns should be allowed because they are really funny. They have a sense of humor that can make almost anyone laugh. They can be a bit of trouble sometimes, and get in trouble a lot, but are usually really cool. Also, I think that they should be allowed.

  • Because they make everyone smile

    I believe that class clowns are aloud to be in schools because they are funny they can make almost everyone smile or laugh.
    And I believe that every class has at least one. The reason being is that everyone is sad to come to school when the class clown shows up than the whole room is bound to brighten up.

  • I think that he can be a class clown.

    He looks like he is goofy and class clowns should be able to be a class clown so class is not boring and so then class will be fun and not boring and then people would do there work and not be bored during there class and then students would like class.

  • Class clowns allowed!!!!!

    Class clowns should be allowed because class clowns brighten up peoples day even if their having a bad day. Although they maybe be distracting at times they are really funny, they help people that are going through some personal stuff. In conclusion class clowns should be allowed because they help people!

  • I believe we should have class clowns

    Yes schools should have class clowns. People who tend to be funnier seem to spread happiness. Without the people who are funny the more un happy people wouldnt enjoy going to school as much. I think that in school we need more funny people to make school more enjoyable and fun.

  • Nooooooooo ooooo oooo

    No because they are annoying, And distract other students, And make them give other attention, They are no good and don't let me do my homework okay they don't and they are student people who can't do work and should go to prison, They don't pass the BOOF either, Y tho

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