• I might get kicked out of the liberal club

    One it should be optional, if teachers want to they should be able to carry. I believe teachers are already background checked and fingerprinted, this goes a long way with trusting them. They should get actual training from there local police department and an annual competency. I agree with the other posters that this would provide a good Frontline protection in our schools. I'm sure we could find some govt funding for something like this. The worst thing we could do is continue doing nothing.

  • Schools need to be safe.

    Teachers are the best thing students have for safety and to use as a role-model. Carrying a weapon will give teachers a boost of confidence, which in turn they can pass on to their students. Shootings such as sandy hook and columbine could have been stopped by teachers who were able to defend themselves. We need to arm teachers so that they may fight back.

  • With extreme care

    Arming teachers is, in my opinion, a feasible option, however extreme precautions must be taken. First off only volunteers would be given firearms. Prior and yearly psych evaluations would help ensure mental stability so the chances of a teacher losing it would be reduced. Prior and regular training would be necessary to make sure the teachers know how to handle and maintain a gun. On the financial side of it, guns and ammunition are expensive. Depending on what handgun the school chose they could quickly have several thousand dollars invested in the firearms alone. I saw a box of 25 rounds of 9mm ammo for about $20 ( ). I think 25 rounds would fill two magazines and partially a third. Having at least one extra mag for every teacher with a gun could get expensive, especially with regular training using their ammo. The trainers and psychologists have to be paid too (not accounting for those who donate their time). So to wrap up my opinion, it's a possibility, but government grants would have to be issued to help with the cost and their would need to be very strict precautions to ensure the teachers with access to the firearms are the right ones.

  • Teachers should be armed.

    This is a very tricky subject. We have to be very careful. I think that allowing teachers to bring
    concealed weapons to school may possibly prevent a few school shootings. But, we would have to do extensive background
    tests on all of the teachers to make sure that we wouldn’t have any school
    shootings perpetrated by teachers.

  • Kids should nit have cell phones!!!!!!

    Kids shouldn't have phones bc all they do is sit around and don't even read a book for once! And if they sit around all day no OFFENCE but they gain weight! And they could take pics of their private parts and send it to a sexist, stripper who looks at photos and posted it or something like that, but the can also send it to a stranger who can find where they live and they could kill them or kidnap them and rape them! SO KIDS SHOULD NOT HAVE CELL PHONES!

  • Schools Can't Arm Teachers

    Schools shouldn't arm their teachers because adding more guns to a conflict doesn't solve the conflict. With that in mind, more schools are considering this action and would be making a grave mistake by implementing such a plan. There's no reason that teachers should have access to firearms in today's world.

  • They should not.

    Schools should not arm their teachers under any circumstance.. If you want to protect the student that attend the school, then you need to have more strict gun control laws. You also need to beef up the security in the school, by adding more security guards, or having metal scanners at all of the entrances.

  • Let's arm security guards at schools instead.

    Putting guns or other weapons into the hands of teachers seems like a monumentally bad idea to me. While there are lots of great teachers in our school system, there are some flat out bullies who don't need to have their psychological torture of children backed up with a firearm. Let's stick with armed security guards if needed.

  • Teachers Should Not Be Armed

    No, schools should not purposefully arm their teachers. Statistics show that increased presence of guns does not solve gun violence problems. Instead, it creates problems with escalation. Arming teachers would only serve to cause people who commit school shootings to use even deadlier weapons. In addition, students may be hurt in the crossfire between teachers and shooters.

  • Schools should not arm their teachers

    By the time someone is within the school students and faculty have likely already been harmed. It would be better policy to have some sort of well-trained armed guards in place to take care of threats before they enter the school. It would also be good to have better care for the mentally ill to keep them from getting to the point where they want to kill everyone. Also, more should be done about bullying and students being terrorized to the point of suicide or murder suicide.
    Arming the teachers is a very last-ditch effort to protect the students.

  • Teachers Shouldn't Be Forced

    I do not believe it is in every ones best interest for all teachers to bear arms. I think we should allow those teachers who are interested in bearing arms within a classroom commit to more classes and safety training to obtain a permit to do so. I think they should retain the right, but not be required to do it.

  • Sometimes, Teachers Just as Bad as Armed Criminals

    Teachers, who are trusted public employees, are sometimes just as bad as those armed criminals who try to kill people on campus. Every month it seems we hear news of teachers arrested for having inappropriate sexual relationships with students. What happens if these same psychos have guns? The solution is to have armed guards in schools and not to have armed teachers in the classroom. Let teachers teach!

  • If Trump Has His Way, Why Not Arm the Students As Well As the Teachers With Guns? It Makes "Perfect Sense" Until....

    Judy: "Beaver did it, Miss Landers!"
    Beaver Cleaver: "No I didn't!" Take that, Judy!- pow pow pow!
    Judy: "I'm packing, too, Beaver!! Take that- pow pow pow!
    MIss Landers: "That's enough of that, class! Time for the [unfortunatlely named] "pop quiz!"
    Response From 30 Students: All 30 pull out their guns and shoot Miss Landers

  • They are dumb

    They're stupid .. . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . .. . . . . . . . .

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