• I think this is a great idea

    I agree with this because when it snows and students aren't able to go to school because weather gets in the way, so what about the work? If school start to assign homework on snow days then the don't need to think about this question because students are able to do their work in the comfort of their own home and get it done faster and then when they go back to school they don't need to worry about all the work because they finished it over the snow day.

  • Its A Great Idea

    I think this is a great idea because when its snowing students aren't able to go to school do to the weather but if school start to assign homework during snow days then students are able to do their homework in the comfort in their own home then they would get done faster and then when they do back to school then they won't have to do as much work.

  • It allows students to pace themselves

    Having homework online allows the student to not have to rush and have to turn it in at the end of class. It allows the student to have a little more extra time, and not have to rush to get it turned into the teacher at a certain time. If you rush, it may probably be messy and not neat.

  • There are many benefits from doing homework on snow days

    1.) if you don't, there is a possibility of more school days being added onto the year.
    2.)because of this, the school day that actually supposed to be your summer takes 6 hours when online homework only takes 2-3 hours
    3.) since you know that this day is supposed to be your summer, you get tired easier and are not allowed to take a break, unlike homework online, where you can take a break whenever you want to.

  • Schools should have no home work on snow days

    I think the reason kids have snow days is because the snow is so deep no one can drive to school so how would the kids get the home work?
    I also think a snow day is time for kids to take a breath or two after all where I live it snows once a year.A snow day is like a day of .
    After all how bad is it to miss a day of learning?

  • We all eventually need a break from work

    Students eventually get tires from doing work. Everybody needs a break from work sometimes.We need a break. We all get tired from doing work. It eventually gets boring. We should not have homework on snow days. Doing work eventually gets tiring, we need a break from all of it, who doesn't.

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