• Don't need them.

    I'm a High School teacher and they are nothing but a distraction. There is no compelling reason to keep them as there is a phone in every classroom if a student needs to contact a parent, it's what we did for years and it worked fine. The only reason the NO vote is higher is because all the kids with phones voted lol.

  • As a teacher I find them the biggest time wasting device ever

    Over the last 10 years they have caused more distraction and off task behavior than anything else I've ever encountered in the classroom, and also added to social mayhem through text bullying and arranged truancy. They also contribute to crime such as arranging drug deals and other illicit activities. Definitely no real place for them in classrooms.

  • Cell phones distract kids from school.

    Yes, schools should ban phones because kids sneak into the girls' locker room, can discreetly take nude photos of them, and the reason sneaking in is so easy is because boys can disguise themselves as a girl and can hid by the entrance and can take a quick photo and run. Another reason is kids can send these photos to friends and they can send those to other friends and they can post them on Facebook. Social Network during class is a huge distraction, kids as above will post the nude pictures, and can disguise it by changing there name as one of the biggest troublemakers in the class and will get away with it. Nerds can get away with watching anime
    on phones is because the will hide the phone in their desk and watch their video.

  • Yes, absolutely ban cell phones in school

    Cell phones are a constant distraction as is obvious to anyone who has been in a public place recently. People obsessively check their cell phones as if any minute they expect to receive an important call. Children and teenagers are very interested in their social lives, and are not immune to this obsession. Even if the phone is in their lockers during class time they would probably be distracted by wondering if they have any calls and not being able to wait to check for them. One of the major problems in teaching is the problem of keeping your students' concentration from wandering, and if a cell phone is anywhere nearby they will probably be thinking about that often. It's an unnecessary distraction.

  • Cell Phones Are Distractions in School

    Yes, schools should ban cell phones. Cell phones have no place in the classroom. Students should be allowed to have cell phones as long as they are kept in their lockers and used at lunch times only. Cell phones are distractions that take a student’s mind away from what is being taught. Even if a cell phone is in a pocket and muted, the vibration of an incoming call or message is still a distraction for the student. Students have a hard enough time keeping their minds on their school work – they don’t need the added distraction of a cell phone.

  • Cell phones do not help kids concentrate

    Cell phones are a huge distraction in school. First of all, there is the problem with ringing cell phones during class. When the classroom is silent, and a cell phone rings, there will be a huge distraction not only to the kids but to the teacher as well, because of the sudden noise. Then, students can access the internet over their phone and play games instead of doing their work, like they're supposed to. They can watch videos while the teacher is talking and that is very, very, very disrespectful. They can cheat on tests by using search websites to cheat by plagiarizing others' work. Also, there is another problem. Some people claim that music helps them concentrate. There was this person who was concentrating greatly, until she started playing music. Then instead of doing her work, she was actually listening to music.

  • A ban is necessary

    As a person you should put you focus point on your education and future not your smart hone. Smart hones make it very hard to concentrate, Students constantly check their phones for any unread messages. Students are usually on social media or either playing uneducated games. Students grades drop down by alt.

  • Yes, Of course.

    And ban them everywhere else in the world too. Cell phones are highly addictive, Mess with our psychology, Are terrible for the environment, And terrible for our bank accounts, As they are designed to be disposed of and replaced every couple of years. They make us stupid, Lazy, And ironically less connected to other people. The benefits they offer are simply not worth the negatives. They are a blight on humanity and should cease to exist.

  • Cell phones are harmful

    Kids get distracted and turn away from school work. Not a good thing.
    Kids get distracted and turn away from school work. Not a good thing.
    Kids get distracted and turn away from school work. Not a good thing.
    Kids get distracted and turn away from school work. Not a good thing.
    Kids get distracted and turn away from school work. Not a good thing.
    Kids get distracted and turn away from school work. Not a good thing.

  • Cellphones... Just get out

    Well in school students should be learning, not text messaging and playing inappropriate games behind their teacher’s backs. Kids say that they’re using the calculator but they probably are calling and chatting on Snapchat. Kids are the future not cellphone addicted zombies. PLZ kids should not have cellphones in school.

  • Well no I think schools should not ban sell phones

    It can help us learn like for an ex:
    Emergency,research,grades,reminders,aid learning process, and dictionary so that's why I think it's dumb not to have sell phones I get that it could cause cheating , cyber bullying , distractions , and off task I get it ok but for once listen to us kids 🤗

  • I think no !

    The kids might have to research on something while the school might have no computer at all and their teachers asked them to finish it in maybe for a half and hour . If your child doesn't know what to do and maybe your teacher then complains to their parents . So my suggestion is to let all people know that school should not ban CELLPHONES

  • Absolutely not!

    School definitely should not ban cell phones. A student having a cell phone provides peace and comfort to both the student, and the parents. It's important for students to have them in case of emergencies; especially when a student is walking to school and home from school. It also helps in case of school emergencies.

  • I say no

    Some kids need to text or contact parents for something important things like health and if they need to come get them. Some teachers feel more comfortable contacting their children on their own phone instead of the school phone. Thats what I think, I hope that you agree thank you for reading.

  • I think no!

    If there is an emergency that a parent needs to contact a student asap then they should be able to have their phone in case something happens. There are also many other reasons that students should be able to have their phones in school. Schools shouldn't ban cell phones! !

  • No I think they shouldn't ban phones in school

    The reason is because phone are important and we need them.I am a student but even though i don't have a phone I see people who re going n it in class once ina while but I warn them stop texting or playing games do what your school allows no more music sure research sure games no unless given permission

  • Because I said no

    Teachers shouldn't prohibit cell phone because what if you need to contact your parents to pick you up from school. I know a few people who don't have phones and they have no social life. Also phones can help you during school. Students are obsessed with many social media and they can worry about that after school.

  • I think noo

    Because it isn't a distraction to students.If there's an emergency that student with the cell phone might have the only phone that may work. Or if there's an emergency and in that situation they need to call there parents and the office phone doesn't work they would use the cell phone that they have. Also if there's a family emergency at home and the parents want to notify that student about it they would only know during school with a cell phone.

  • Let students have cell phones!

    As a student I can tell you phones are not the problem when it comes to distractions in school. Teachers are constantly on the look out for people with their phones out. Cell phones provide students with a way of communication with the outside world. You could argue that students can just use a phone in the office but just letting the kid text would be much easier. During free time we don't work on school work (we know that we should) we play on our phones, but if you take the phones away we still won't be doing schoolwork. I hate to say it but we need cell phones they provide us with a quicker, easier, and less awkward way of communication.

  • Because Its My Property

    Its my property and i said no. Its my property and i said no. Its my property and i said no. Its my property and i said no. Its my property and i said no. Its my property and i said no. Its my property and i said no. Its my property and i said no.

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