• Homework should be banned

    Are you the type of student that hates homework? Do you think homework should be banned in the further? As a parent or a teacher, you will think that homework is a very important part of learning. But for a kid or a student, getting pages of homework from all different subjects everyday wouldn't be fun to do, instead it will just be stressful, useless and wasting time, so schools should banned homework!

    We have school from Monday to Friday, morning to the afternoon. School is already the most tiring thing in the whole day for students, but still teachers give us homework to do and practice. For most students in year 7, they start to have lessons after school or in the weekends like maths and English, some also learn music, art or other things. These tutorial will also have some homework or needed to be practice almost everyday. We as student, really need time to have a rest after school, homework is just taking always the time we are using for resting and playing.

    Teachers (how give their students too much homework), you know that homework can help students practice, but do you know that it can also make your students have a bad or a lower grade than before. For example, if you will have a test tomorrow but because you have so much homework to finish, you have no time to practice, or maybe, you have finished your work up to night and you feel so, so tired, so your parent stopped you from learning and not practice. When the next day arrive, your test result might be worst than before. Also if you have a strict mother, father or teacher, you will get into a big trouble!!!

    Homework is wasting our time, everyday. Imagine if homework could be banned in schools, children and students will have more time to do what they wanted, like playing games, running, doing sports, art, play music or even just reading a book. Teachers, you should know that exercise can make you healthy, it's more important to be healthy than being smart or having a clever brain, so please banned the homework we have now.

    As a student, I really think and want homework to be banned now and in the further. It is very tiring and also wasting our time that we can be spending with our family or doing something that we enjoy. Homework is the reason why students hate school and learning so if homework could be banned, student wouldn't get tired of learning. Homework should really be banned!!!

  • Sports vs. Stressing

    The amount of homework teenagers are receiving these days are absolutely ridiculous. My kids are coming home from school crying and by the first month of school, they already are ready for winter break.
    These kids need time to relax and enjoy entertainment, and be involved in Sports and Clubs. Schools are wondering, why are clubs receiving less attendance? The answer for that is kids have so much homework that they are afraid they will not get it done. Teachers may think that the assignment only lasts 15 minutes for them, and that that should be the same for kids. But the kids don't know the information so it takes them a lot longer. These homework assignments are mainly meant for kids with no activities. Homework should be about 30 minutes to 1 and a half hours.

  • Get rid of it now

    Compulsory attendance is law. If your child attends public school they must attend the school they are assigned, accept the rules of the school and the teacher assigned to them. The school has complete say over what your child is learning, eating, what clothes they wear, what time your child's day begins, how much physical activity and social interaction your child has during the day. Even once your child gets home, the teacher controls their afternoon, physical activity, and socialization with the amount of homework they're given. Every parent should be outraged at the interference that happens everyday in schools. You are not preparing kids for the real world by giving them homework. The majority of American jobs do not require you to take your work home with you. (In fact its against the law to work without getting paid but if you want to take your work home with you by your own decision then OK) So why REQUIRE children to take their work home with them? When they walk through the door in the morning they are on the Schools time so they must do whatever the Teacher requires of them. When they walk out the door in the afternoon they should no longer be obligated to do what the school mandates.

  • A wast of your time

    Schools teachers don't know that we have better things to do than homework. Some of us have a job,family to take care of. Teachers should try to fill are shoes some times so they know how busier we are than they think. So why should have homework that what we should do at school not at home.

  • The cons far outweigh the pros

    There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of homework squelching kids' love of learning and eroding their recreational time and their sleep time. There is very little evidence that homework adds to the educational experience. Guided practice can (and should) be done in schools to be sure that students acquire skills and concepts; parents should not have to help their kids and be taskmasters at home.

  • Homework is wrong

    We have no time ever to do what we want. You may say that homework helps us learn and remember more. However this is incorrect. Because it keeps us up late at night which means we're too tired to pay attention in school.Teachers try fix this solution by giving us more homework. But what they don't realize is that it only makes it worse because we only become more sleep deprived than before. But if we didn't have homework,we would have more energy to actually learn in class.

  • They spend all day at school ,let them have some down time when they get home.

    Kids spend all day at school, when they get home they should not have to spend 2 hours doing homewok. Give kids a chance to be kids. Let them go outside and play and spend time on after school sports and activities. Kids will have plenty of work to do when they grow up!

  • Its completely without logic.

    If a kids spends seven hours at school, he shouldn't spend another couple hours doing homework. It's too much to ask. Can't we give these kids a break? They go to school five days out of seven (an unbalanced time scale). They don't need homework. Banning homework would make school much more enjoyable and if your like me, you put in more effort when you're not pressured or feel happy.

  • Homework is too stressful and there is no time for daily activities

    Being a student myself, I usually never get some free time. Believe it or not, I stay up until 11:45 PM because I get a lot of homework. When I wake up, I can hardly think or keep my eyes open in school. This can effect grades and make things worse than they used to be. Kids need to have at least 9 hours of sleep each night in order to pay attention in school. A child should have time to play, spend time with family and friends, explore, and have fun. Having homework can prevent a child from doing this. Having no free time can also damage the child mentally because of so much stress and being locked inside their houses. That is kind of like being locked in a box with no access to freedom. And you can't take a break either because if you do, there will be less time to finish your homework. Why? Because bedtime is approaching quickly. This causes stress to the child. Not finishing your homework is also a problem because teachers lower your grade just because you didn't turn it in. So like I have stated above, having homework can make you tired in the mornings and will lower their grade. Not finishing your homework and not turning it in will also lower their grade. With the child knowing this, it causes even more stress because the child can realize that they will not have freedom the whole year. Having to much stress can cause to depression. Depression can lead to much more worse things. In conclusion, homework is too stressful and it interferes with daily activities such as sports, hobbies, taking care of pets, etc.

  • Schools should ban homework!!!

    I firmly believe that homework just has to go. A) Because it causes more stress for kids who already have stress in their lives, at home; B) Because that's the reason that kids hate school; C) Because some of the homework that kids get requires a computer, which some kids don't have; D) Because kids won't want to do anything else after they get done with their homework, and their parents might want them to do some chores around the house.

  • Homework is a great way to learn

    When kids do homework they are practicing what they have learned in school. Many kids do have extra curricular activities outside of school such as playing sports and playing an instrument which is good but that doesn't mean it should stop you from learning or becoming smarter. Most people that do play an instrument or play a sport know that if you want to be good at what you do you have to know one simple concept. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. If kids do homework they can PRACTICE what they learned in school and become more successful in Elementary School, Middle School, and High School which means that they get better grades which means that they go to a good collage which means that they can get a good job when they grow up. Although some kids are really good at their extra curricular activities they can go proffesional with that and can be successful when they grow up. But the problem is, how many of those super talented people are there? Not many, which means that most people end up having a bad job with a LOW PAY. Getting a good job is very dependent on homework and can lead most people to be more successful then they thought they could be if they do well in school.

  • They would forget.

    Kids at school already barely listen at school. Homework is a way for you to use what you just learned and to practice it. If kids don't have homework then they would have no way to remember what they just learned and they would simply forget it. Also, homework is a large part of grades and if the only important grade during the year are the tests that means that if you fail the test you fail the year.

  • Yes to holiday homework. No to homework in general.

    I feel myself that homework helps prepare children in the future to cope with deadlines and set tasks similar to those that would be given as a job, and can help students reinforce stuff that they have learnt in school, though this is not, in my opinion, the best way to do this.

    I am strongly against homework over the holiday however, as it is called 'holiday' for a reason. It is a time to relax and take your mind off the pressures of normal life, not a prime time for teachers who are worried about children forgetting certain topics to set huge pieces of homework, completely oblivious to whether or not the student has time to complete due to holiday and relaxing. If homework must be set over the holiday then I do not think it is right to set huge tasks that causes pressure to the student, as that is completely against what holiday is about.

    - A 15 year old student

  • We need homework!

    We need homework to help us learn the lessons that we are taught in school. I agree that we should limit the homework but not ban it. Homework helps us practice and it is a very valuable part of school. It has been going on in schools for centuries. So I say we shouldn't ban homework.

  • Schools should not ban homework because this is one way of training students to behave responsibly by doing the task assigned to them even without the supervision of the teacher.

    Homework is an activity vital to the development of students' overall character. It teaches the students to become responsible by doing the task assigned to them not to mention the reinforcement of the learning he or she just had in school as the activity (homework) is brought home. It also establishes the students habit of enjoying work. Life is work and thus a person must be adapted to that during his early childhood so that he or she will not have any difficulty anymore attuning himself/herself to that harsh reality.

  • No.

    Students need homework to support what they are learning in school. As I home-schooled, I found that the work I did at home was far more beneficial to me than any of the classes or lectures that I received at co-op classes. The time spent at school is purely a waste of time. Maybe that is what should be banned.

  • It's a tool.

    Schools should never ban homework. Too much of it is not good for a student but the right amount should be used as a tool to give students a chance to apply what they have learned and show the skills they have gained. Banning it would hinder education and ability, so it should always be used.

  • Homework should not be banned

    You need homework for one you can get closer to your parents and you can have better communication skills and you will become a better person it also reduces screen time and you can work up the nerve to present your projects and have more friends get a good paying job so you can be successful in life and that makes my statement.

  • I like homework

    It helps me learn and manage time. It also teaches me responsibility and study skills that i will need later in my life. I am also a nerd who loves to learn whatever i can whenever i can. I need 12 more words so i am typing this meaningless sentence.

  • No it helps your education

    Homework should not be banned it helps you get extra points so if you have a D or somthing it could help you with your grade a lot and also it should not be banned it should just be fixed. Also it’s a good way for your parents to know what’s going on in the classroom(s)

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