• Childs could pack there lunches

    60% of children know how to pack there own lunches.Some know how to make sandwiches, bagels, and chips. They can make a lot a thing as long if parents give them permission.There is no need for parents to pack lunches for kids. Plus they don't have to waste money on school lunches

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  • Schools should ban pack lunches

    Schools should definitely ban shall pack lunches as it will leave old school cooks unemployed and jobless. This could give the school bad reviews. Another reason is sweets. Children may well sneak in sweets and base it on there pack lunch . This is completely beyond school rules of most schools

  • Yes Because it

    Get annoying after awhile have the lunch and stuff like that but alot of students in schools would get money or have free lunches....And after it get annoying and u just want to have hot lunch and you would have to ask your parents for money so im just saying yes...So.

  • Schools should ban packed lunches.

    If you or your kids enjoy pre-packaged convenience foods commonly found in grocery stores across the U.S. such as Froot Loops, Swanson dinners, Mountain Dew, and frozen potato and bread products, you may think twice before purchasing them after hearing what they contain: dangerous chemicals that other countries around the globe have deemed toxic to the point that they’re illegal, and companies are fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for including them in food products.

    In a new book, “Rich Food, Poor Food,” authors Mira and Jason Calton provide a list of what they term “Banned Bad Boys” – ingredients commonly used in up to 80% of all American convenience food that have been banned by other countries, with information about which countries banned each substance and why.

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  • Absolutely DO NOT ban packed lunches!

    I pack MUCH healthier options for my kids than what is offered on the school's hot lunch menu. I am regularly horrified by what is being offered. In addition, one of my children is allergic to many foods as are three others in his class of 17. Even if these kids were given an exception to bring their own lunches, it would still be another way for them to feel different from the other kids...Another reason for them to be teased. Food allergies are on the rise... I say this is a BIG NO!

  • No, schools should not ban packed lunches.

    Parents who care about their children's health can pack foods with better nutrition content. A second, and more important reason, is that certain children with diseases, such as juvenile diabetes and food allergies, need very specific foods packed for them. Parents can monitor what their children eat in this way. Additionally, some parents with certain religious or ethical beliefs, such as Jewish families and vegetarian families, may also wish to have influence over what their children are eating.

  • Considering I just witnessed fuzzy cheese in the cafeteria. ..

    All lunches and breakfasts are free in my district. That doesn't mean they are any good. The quality of the lunches is the issue, much less the taste. Spoiled salads, stale bread, need I go on? If they are going to ban lunches from home I hope they improve what they give these students.

  • I had a dream that one day they would never say this question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think that they should never band packed lunches because at every school every one always complains about how much they hate the school lunches so much. The parents even say that the school lunches are the worst food that they have ever tasted in their lives. It is discussing.

  • Schools should not ban packed lunches.

    Schools should not ban packed lunches. There is no need for schools to do this and it would be unfair to the parents and the students that cannot afford to pay for school lunches. Unless the school wants to start giving their students free meals at lunchtime then I think this is a bad idea.

  • Let people eat what they want!

    There is nothing wrong with a student bringing a packed lunch to school. A parent is more likely to pack something the child will eat than the school happening to have it on hand. A parent is more aware of a child's allergies as well. Parents are also more concerned about their own children's health than the school district. Besides, if a parent wants to pack their child nothing but brownies for lunch it is really nobody elses' business.

  • No way, children need food

    A parent can no longer depend on the school to provide for and feed their children during the school day. Many school lunches are not healthy for children and some may contain foods that children are allergic to. Parents have a right to choose what their children will eat throughout the day, if schools were to ban packed lunches, they are taking away the rights of the parent to feed their children.

  • Lunch From Home Saves Money

    Students who bring lunch from home save money because buying lunch at school is expensive. Schools shouldn't ban packed lunches whatsoever and this is the most foolish thing on the planet. What kids eat for lunch in school is a freedom of choice we enjoy here in the United States.

  • Parents Should Have a Choice

    I do not believe schools should ban packed lunches. I believe it is well known, that despite federal regulations, school lunches are not offering the healthiest of options on a daily basis. I believe if a parent wants to provide their child with an alternative, then they should be allowed to do so.

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