• Yes they should!!!

    Because if the child with servere peanut allergies was your child you wouldn't want them to risk dying over a stupid peanut or peanut butter, something we could all live without!!!! My child, I can't live without!! Someone touches her with peanut butter and she can't breath, she doesn't even need to eat it! My daughter has a right to feel safe at school just as much as yours!! It won't kill your child to go without peanuts but it will kill mine to have it!!

  • Anything to reduce the chance my child will die from peanut exposure !

    Peanuts can kill my child. Ridiculous comments like peanuts / peanut products may only kill one or two children at a school (as if that is acceptable - how about if its your child? ) are criminally negligent adn extremely selfish comments. Between 5% and 10% of children are now allergic to peanuts/ peanut products. There are 1800 children at my daughters school = up to 180 children allergic to something that can seriously harm them and will kill them. If you cannot understand that .......

  • Elementary Schools-YES. Middle & High Schools--NO

    At Elementary schools, I think it makes sense. Young kids make mistakes and no one's life should be at risk because a 5, 6, 7 year old made a mistake. I think older kids can handle the responsibility though and therefore don't think a ban is needed at middle and high schools.

  • Children at a young age should not have exposure at school

    I am allergic to peanuts. It is an extremely dangerous condition, and many young children are afflicted by it. Children don't always understand the severity of their allergies and may take a fatal bite that ends their life because they forgot to check. You can't just expect a child to be responsible for their allergy in those first few years of school. Later on, when they are stronger readers and are more careful, they aren't at as much of a risk.

  • Put the kids WITH Peanuts at a separate table!

    We have a school district where children who bring peanut laden foods have to sit at a separate table. And you know what - no kids wants to bring food with peanuts! Works for everyone. I think it is crazy to say that it is too much of a burden on families to prepare one meal a day without peanuts. The kids who have allergies have to worry about every meal, every restaurant, every birthday party they attend, every playdate, every camp, every snack - every meal - every day. School should be a safe zone.

  • Kids die because of peanuts

    A girl recently died because of eating something with peanuts in it. Obviously other kids have severe peanut allergies. There is no way she is the only person with severe peanut allergies. I say yes because nobody wants to die because they eat peanuts. Of course schools should ban peanuts!

  • Why should schools ban peanuts

    I say schools should ban peanuts because those kids who are allergic to peanuts are not making friends and they are getting bullied and it is horrible. I think they should change peanut butter to like sun flower butter it was really good.So I think we have to change it to sun flower butter and jelly sandwich.

  • Death of children who have serious allergic reactions to peanuts products

    The reason schools should have peanut butter banned is because some children have peanut allergies that are very lethal. Schools should have to ban peanut products because of the risk of fatal reactions to the peanuts and the substantial lawsuits and for endangering the lives of children if refusing to ban peanut products to the children who have allergic reactions that can be lethal.

  • Peanut allergic kids

    Kids that are allergic to peanut products don't have to feel uncomfortable when they get to school and eat lunch. They also don't have to worry when someone touches you or grabs you in any way. The most important part is that they come home safe and sound to their families.

  • Allergic Matters puts lives at risk

    Yes. Because of Allergic matters.
    So what if 3 people are affected. The dinner people could make a mistake and then a child' life could be in danger and another life could be lost! Do you want a simple mistake risking a innocent persons life? It is out of order for that to happen!

  • It is not fair!!!!!

    Why do we need to ban peanuts for 1 kid in a big school? Most kids like peanut butter. People overreact to peanut butter allergies. Just make the little brat sit at his own table to make mommy happy. It is not a big deal, people! Why ban peanut butter? We can't childproof the world

  • How about the parents tell the schools about their child's special needs?

    People used to tell schools of their children's allergies for centuries, and it worked when I was in school from 1992-2005, so why can't parents remember to tell the schools their child has a peanut allergy?! No one in ANY of my schools had a peanut allergy. No one in my COLLEGE had a peanut allergy. Stop being classist and obnoxious and trying to fit the world to make YOU comfortable. Teach your kid not to eat freaking peanut butter or snickers if they are allergic, just like my parents taught me not to accept candy from strangers or eat things I didn't know at school!

    Better yet, tel your kid NOT to trade lunches! OR MAKE A GOOD LUNCH for them!

  • Your child should know that they are allergic to peanut and to stay away from it.

    It is not other people's fault if a person allergic to peanut consumes it. The parent should be competent enough to teach their child that they are allergic to peanut and how to to avoid getting an allergic reaction, and the child should be smart enough to understand that they could die if they don't avoid it. And besides, if you're so worried about your child getting an allergic reaction that you would make it unavailable to everybody else, why don't you just take the easier route and just make your child his/her own lunch?

  • I have to buy special food because your kids can't be eat/touch it?

    I have know idea how the kids live when I was in school, P&J sandwich has been around for a long time.
    Have you kid sit at a special supper clean table rather than make every parent change what they want to feed there kids for lunch. Or maybe teach your kid how to avoid it!

  • No, as the student should be responsible for his or her personal safety and it is somewhat discriminatory.

    No, schools should not ban peanut products, as it is the child's responsibility to take caution and be aware of their medical condition so that they may be safe while away from home. In addition, taking products with peanuts away from a large group of people to satisfy the needs of one person or small group of people within the school that may have an allergy is discriminatory not only to those who do not have a peanut allergy, but to those who do have one; It takes away the rights of the non-affected to enjoy products with peanuts and makes the affected feel different from the rest of their peers.

  • This country is not a communist dictatorship it is a democracy - therefore the will of the majority rules.

    It is the responsibility of the person with the allergy to manage their problem - but not by making it everyone elses problem. Schools often get above themselves and start imposing rules - which they have no right to impose. They seem to forget that they are paid by the public to provide a service to the public - therefore the public should have the last say over any proposed rules.
    And the will of the majority should be enforced - as after all we are a democracy.
    Primary children (and their parents) need to get used to this fact - they will grow up into a world where they cannot expect everyone else to stop eating peanuts just because they have an allergy.

  • NO way jose

    BECAUSE REASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peanuts R us. Peanuts are better than all the people who said yes to this thing. If peanuts R us, and we rule, do peanuts rule? CORRECT ANSWER: YASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO MORE PEANUT BANS!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, Donald Trump sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Schools should set up peanut free zones

    It is the easiest way to avoid the problem, just get new table in the cafeteria, put a sign on it that says peanut free zone. But schools are just trying to ban peanuts all together?! Peanut free tables are waaaay easier! I think that it's crazy that schools haven't done this yet. GO PEANUTS!!!

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  • Don't ban nut products, educate your child.

    Nut allergies are only triggered by direct contact. If you are so worried, let your child wear cover like gloves all day and have emergency medication supply available in school.

    My son has always had a severe nut allergy to a specific type of nuts. Yet, he has always had peanut butter sandwiches because it is rich in energy and it is an efficient way of energy and vitamin supply.

    We never asked the school or any party to ban nuts. No, we educated our child so he knew what to avoid. Take your responsibility as parents and as a school and educate children. It is ridiculous that the whole school (or even a class) has to suffer for the requirements of one child.

    The schools entertain these bans because they are soooo scared of this claim culture that is blowing over from the USA. Spineless I say.

    Posted by: Trav

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