Should schools ban students from using cell phones?

  • Students can get addicted to video games

    Cell phones should be banned from school, because they can affect students grades. Don't you want your kid or students to get higher grades? Well banning cell phones from school will just do. Think about it students spend almost all day playing video games and not attending classes and activities, they miss all the fun and the sports and everything they do in school and their parents still pay for the school, isn't it a waste of money? Does that seem right to you? No it's not right and not fair. According to
    Elizabeth Woolley from tfpstudentaction.Org video games can take control of their lives just like drugs or alcohol. Some gamers told me one can become addicted in less than 24 hours. Once a gamer has gone from social gaming to addicted gaming, he can’t go back. Games can be a drug of choice and need to be looked at that way. These things have the ability to make students suicide, don't you care for your children? Then ban cell phones from school.

  • Yes, students should not use cell phones at school.

    Cell phones should not be used by students on the school campus. Texting and phone calls are major distractions for students. They disrupt the focus and attention that is essential for learning and make the job of teaching much more difficult. The incidents of theft of cell phones is another negative factor.

  • No, schools should not ban students from using cell phones.

    Schools should not implement a general ban of cell or mobile phones. Rather, schools should impose restrictions on the time and place when cell phones are used by students. For example, cell phone use can be prohibited in classrooms and cafeterias but permitted on the grounds around school buildings during students' free time.

  • No, students need the phones for vital information.

    No, schools should not ban the use of cell phones. Students have several legitimate reasons to use the phones outside of class, including to contact their parents or check on a sibling. Students also store assignments, calendars and other class information on their phones, and they need to be able to access that data.

  • Cell phones are useful outside of class.

    Students should not use cell phones in the classroom because they can be a distraction. However, outside of class, they can be useful for a variety of reasons, such as to help them locate their friends, call their families for a ride, or to help them research information that they need for homework assignments.

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