Should schools be able to give out over-the-counter drugs to students?

  • Any kid at school should be able to take medications

    Such as ibuprofen or benadryl and other common over the counter drugs. They are safe when given correct amounts. If a kid has a headache, stomachache, or other pain, it could affect their learning ability for the day. Just simply taking an ibuprofen could make a big difference. However, I think it should only be allowed for kids that have parent approval. Maybe at the beginning of the year parents could fill out a form saying whether or not they will allow it. It should at least be allowed for grades 5 and up....

  • Schools Should Be Able to Hand Out Over-the-Counter Drugs

    Yes, schools should be able to give out over-the-counter-drugs to students because such drugs are deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration and as such, denying them to students is asinine. If a student has a headache, allow them to take ibuprofen. It is just cruel to do otherwise.

  • Not without parental approval.

    School should not be able to give out over the counter drugs to students unless they have parental approval. Parents should teach their children not to take drugs from anyone except them or doctors. Emphasizing this to children can cut down on future drug problems. The more people you throw into the mix of dispensing medication, the more confusing it will be for a child.

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