Should schools be able to give students In School Suspension for having your phone out at lunch twice or at non school supporting hat?

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  • There's a time and a place for everything

    I'm a teacher aide at a high school, and was not too long ago in high school myself. The school where I attended as a student was extremely strict with cellphone rules, you couldn't have them at all unless they were turned off and at the bottom of your school bag. The school I work at has different rules depending on the class, but the students are allowed their cellphones at lunch and spare time, and sometimes they are allowed to use them in class depending on what they're doing.

    There's nothing wrong with having cellphones during break times. It doesn't distract learning at all and any teacher that enforces a rule without any justification or reason other than 'It's the school rules' really needs to sit down and start thinking about what's important. A person's education or unnecessary discipline.

    Even if they are caught using their phones at a time where it's inappropriate, the best protocol to take is first a warning, then confiscation for the duration of the lesson. No harsher punishment than that is needed.

  • It's lunch, what's the point of restricting phone use during lunch?

    During class kids should keep their phones silent and in their pockets. During lunch there is no point in having such a restriction.

    Back when I was in school it was against the rules even to have a cell phone on your person, even in your pocket. That was even more ridiculous, since a cell phone can't disrupt class if it sits in you pocket on silent, and because kids needed them to call home after school or in case of an emergency.

    Still even then you would get at most one detention.

    It seems to me that sometimes rules are made in a way that takes advantage of the fact that most kids have no choice but to be in the school. Less concern is paid to whether the rules are sensible and fair. In college there are rules of course, but since students aren't required to be there the rules are more sensible. I once had my phone go off in class where the professor had said no cell phones. I simply apologized and said I had forgotten to put it on silent, and there was no punishment. Yet college students are supposed to be older and more mature, so if you think about it it doesn't make sense to be more lenient in dealing with college students from an ethics standpoint. It only makes sense from a power standpoint.

  • They should not

    I think this because being a new student here at my school them taking it away make sense but having me miss a whole day but still at school not okay. I think that give me a lunch detention would have been more reasonable, but no they make it to were I seem like a bad kid.

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