Should schools be able to punish online bullying?

  • They should be suspended.

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  • Schools should be able to punish online bullying

    The effects of what students do online is not limited to the actual time when they are accessing social media. When students bully online, often the entire school knows about it. Any activity or action that disrupts the school learning or social environment can be regulated and punished by the school, even when it occurs outside school hours.

  • Yes, students who are involved in online bullying should be reprimanded by the school.

    Bullying is an ongoing theme in today's society especially among youths in school. Bullying is detrimental to the learning process and hinders the progress of educational programs across the nation. Murder, suicide, emotional, and mental stress are outcomes of severe bullying. We see the lethal outcome that bullying has brought upon our nation in Sandy Hook and Columbine to name a few. If authorities are able to reach the problem at its core, often times online bullying, it is possible that they can prevent such tragedies from occurring.

  • No but a caveat

    As much as i would like to trust government with authority to watch me after school into my personal life i cannot. I cannot in good faith suggest the government school system should be able to watch me outside school. Sure, you'll say they wouldn't be watching but like the saying goes give them an inch......

  • Schools can not punish for cyber bullying out of school

    It is not the schools jurisdiction to punish students for that. There's a solution to cyber bullying ... It's called turn off the computer, it's the person being bullied's fault because they keep looking at or responding to these bully's . Also the parents should take action and intervene in the situation if they know there child's being abused online.

  • Inappropriate jurisdiction, Let Local and State authorities handle it

    Schools are for education. They are not for policing people's lives outside of school. Local and state level authorities should deal with online bullying when it gets that bad. Schools should be responsible for enforcing rules only at school and during educational functions like field trips. It's not that it shouldn't be dealt with but that other authorities should deal with it because it didn't happen at school.

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