Should schools be able to regulate out of school issues that happen online?

Asked by: Raven_10sg
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  • This is fucking stupid

    The very culture and blood of the Internet is %100 free speech. Now, if you've taken a look at your local school, you can clearly tell that freedom of speech is DEFINATELY not permitted for the sake of "muh feelings". What happens when you let schools regulate online activity is that you put a muzzle on speaking the truth. If someone stupid teenager says something stupid and another student calls them out on it being stupid, the person who posted the original content cannot cry or moan because they were the ones who put that up and responsibility falls completely on them for putting up there in the first place for scrutiny. Schools, however, will classify this as "cyberbullying" and will apprehend the student for calling them out. If you end up getting offended or hurt or "triggered", my friend, the Internet is not the place for you

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