Should schools be allowed to look at their students' social networking sites?

  • School and home are two different things

    People act differently based on the environment that they are in. If you are on a date, you tend to act nicer than you might otherwise, and at work you act more professional than you would otherwise.

    Secondly, social media isn't school, and therefore the school should not have jurisdiction over what is said on these sites, especially in the cases of college where the student is a legal adult, and therefore he/she is expressing their 1st amendment.

    Lastly, virtually all threats are known to be false. Anyone who has seen threats on a bathroom wall knows this, and this extends to the Internet. I myself was told to forfeit my backpack, because someone named "Ben" allegedly was going to bring a knife into school. Nobody was ever charged with any weapon possession.

  • Pupils Shouldn't Hide

    Pupils should never have anything to hide. They shouldn't feel that there is something on there that would let them down. If there is, it shouldn't be on there. It could also help pick up any signs of bullying as that is quite a common thing to find on social networks. It gives teachers the advantage of knowing how children behave outside school particularly when they think they are not being watched.

  • School Violence Safety

    As a student without a Myspace or facebook or whatever, I can't always see what people do on there. At my school, there has been at least one threat of violence found on the twitter. Im glad that a student reported it, but if they didn't, the police wouldn't have been ready. I would feel 100% safer if schools watched social media for these kind of threats. Besides, if you say something on there you don't want the school to see, you probably shouldn't say it to begin with.

  • Perhaps if the profile is public or left open on a school network...?

    But as a rule, no. The idea of a school reaching into a student's private life like that seems like an overreach. They are not parents, no matter how the nanny state tries to make them into some kind of surrogate in that way.

    In fact, school personnel rifling through kids' social media sounds a bit on the creepy side.

  • No they shouldn't


    The definition of freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. Colleges shouldn't be having to check our social media to see if we should be in their school. To get into a high school or college you have to be academically smart. It shouldn't matter about what's on our social media. After all it's not their life it's someone else's. It's none of their concern to be looking at kids social media and plus social media doesn't include with anything with academics.

  • No no no

    Schools shouldn't be allowed to look at kids social networking pages because social lives is not ant teacher's buissness. Also some schools look at kids pages where part of their social life must be. Some people get in trouble for what they do online , at school. It isn't the school's responsibility.

  • What you do at home is your own business!!

    The school is only responsible for the actions of students on the property of the school and during transportation on the school bus. Schools need to stop policing their students its an invasion of privacy. Unless there are laws being broken or any threats the school should not be involved. If there is any problem then a report should be made and the police can handle it.

  • Schools should not have any business invading personal space when the student is not on school grounds.

    A party of my friends was recently cancelled because the school saw tweets about it. They got the police involved and ruined a fun night. They have no right to STALK students who are not in school because they do not have authority at that time. Complete and utter garbage.

  • I don't feel that it is their business.

    Except for in certain circumstances, like evidence on a social networking site that would show that a student is guilty of a crime against another student or something of that nature, I don't think that a school should look at a students social networks for decisions. If it is set to private, it should stay private.

  • Its an invasion of privacy.

    I don't care who they are, its an enormous invasion of privacy. Schools. Are. Not. Students'. Parents. Its the parents job to watch their kids and what they do. Even if their parent doesn't, that doesn't mean schools can go and watch over them. Schools are there to teach people what they need to learn, not be their parent.

    Posted by: Cyan
  • Social medias are a median of expression for students.

    One of the great rights that we enjoy in America is freedom of speech. It is a restriction on our freedom for school to snoop on students social networking sites, and punish them for anything that is believed to be inappropriate. It is the schools job to train students achademically, but the social and moral aspect of their lifes should be their parents concern.

  • No because that is an invasion of a person's privacy.

    Schoools shouldn't be allowed to look at their students social networking sites because it's an invasion of privacy, it costs a lot of money to set up monators to look through the sites and students can not chose what school they go to to try and avoid this social tracking.

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