• Children don't get paid to go to school.

    Some kids may end up stealing stuff in school, They burglarize homes & rob businesses. If schools don't want to be banned, They should start having payroll for students, But they don't need to get paid a whole lot. Schools are pointless & letter grades don't need to matter, They are the waste of time & effort. Parents should home-school their kids to save money. They have to pay $40 to get in to the dance, Hundreds on graduation supplies altogether & thousands to go on a trip. Kids can make new friends by something else besides schools, Like community parks, Places where they have age groups & lots of other public places. Just do some schooling 6 hours a day, Except weekends & holidays.

  • Why not boy

    When a school is in the mmiddle of the day most of the time these responses are from teachers theam self and they ar just trying to keeptherer job and so there are millions of thi ngs people can in one day or one night every hour orf the day.

  • Ban them schools

    I see the good in schools, but I do thing you should have a choice to go to school or not. I don't think they should be completely banned but children should be treated better and given a choice. And some of the main problems accure in school. For example, bullying. If we didn't have schools then kids and teachers would be forced to interact with each other, therefore eliminating enemies from ever meeting one an other. Also, a lot of the debates on here are about school. School is definitely a problem! Maybe if I grow up, i'll try to be a senator, or a government official. Maybe even go for president, but if I actually get it. I'll make sure that kids get the rights they deserve.

  • Schools are boring

    How many of you have been through a life of torment and pain? How many of you had that stage when you were going through school? Too many, I say we should shut down schools, why cant our parents educate us, and if they are busy then they could always get one of your older siblings to do it for you. So if you think we shouldn't have schools, just click the vote button and you will be one step closer to a school free world

  • Where Would We End Up Without School?

    Let's stop for a minute and imagine our world without schools. A world without important stages of our lives where we spend most of our lives. Although most people think that schools are boring and pointless, they are actually really important parts of our lives.
    In fact, schools are important places not just for learning but for socialising as well. If you were home schooled, for example, you wouldn't necessarily be making friends, would you? So for the majority of students, schools give them chances to know new people. Schools are also reasons that provide some pupils somewhere to run to when things at home are not good. If you have family problems or financial problems, then school helps you forget all these problems by giving you the chance to meet up with your friends and, if you eat in school, you are given a nice warm meal to eat.
    So I personally think that schools should definitely NOT be banned.

  • I highly disagree that school should be banned.

    Not only does school provide the necessary information to highly function and succeed in life, it provides training in social interaction and conduct. To start, it can be argued that some past leaders of industries were college/secondary school dropouts and that is true, but for people like Mark Zuckerberg , his ability to create and run a website would have originally been inspired by education and this helped him in making Facebook so he could dropout. Same for Richard Branson and Virgin. And not to mention the social training we receive indirectly in school, which is invaluable with ever increasing populations. I do agree that in some subjects, like maths for instance, overkill is ridiculous, but certainly this can be fixed with reform. The removal of school would lead to mass misinformation and stupidity eventually unless everyone has the strong desire to learn, which some lack.

  • Schools are pointless.

    What do you learn at school you can't learn at home? I agree with lolernator. I think we should close all schools and be educated at home. If your with me vote Yes😊

    Teachers don't know what they are doing at my school. They just give us busy work. I don't know if it is like that at your school but it is my mine. Do this nation a favor and make it school free.

  • This is A Silly Question

    Without school, we would be uneducated. The fact that most of the general population are too poor to afford a private school- legitimizes the existence of public schools.
    Without it, there wouldn't be technology.
    Can you think of a world without iPods, Internet, or other "necessities"?
    Even if they were invented, the general population's ignorance would strictly limit the percentage of people who have the privilege of using these technologies.

  • More Efficient Schooling Options, Better Idea

    I understand any argument against schooling that involves a lack of efficiency and negative impositions on the student. However, I also believe knowledge is power, so the more education a person has in their lives the better of a human being they will be. Fix the problems with schooling, don't get rid of schools altogether.

    Posted by: Zejo
  • Sigh…While you people complain about no school, others are thirsty for school and education.

    School teaches you how to live life successfully, and have a successful career. Either you work (oh how sad…You have to work for a living?!) for 10 years, and have a well paying job for the rest of your life, or slack off for 10 years and live like hell for the rest of your life.

  • Schools should be revised, not banned

    Although schools are quite boring at times, we still need school to learn and develop learning habits and skills. Even if school's are sometimes boring and "not fun" just because some people want to just stay inside and play video games all day doesn't mean that it should be banned.

    In a world without school imagine what it would be like, only kids whose parents are mentally skilled can teach their child information, although books are still there, eventually books and mentally skill parents are going to die out because there is no one their to replicate them.

    I strongly urge you to say No.

  • A BIG fart

    I think school should be band because school is a big fat fart that a 70 year old continuous let out. This fart ever young person from K-12 can smell all over the earth and I think this fart can be stopped if this 70 year old stops farting (aka band school)

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