Should Schools be blocking all websites except the ones required?

Asked by: Fkulvwrskhu
  • Live and learn

    From the ancient times schools were created as a place of education and knowledge. Nowadays, as standards of living continue to rise, modern school's picture highly different that that was in the past. Nevertheless its main purpose did not change. It is still the fact that school's appointment is to teach students something new, to expand their knowledge. However diversity of web sources may interrupt educational process, and may not allow students concentrate on their lesson

  • Only some should.

    Some kids may not have access to the Internet and need to use a Chromebook for something personal. Schools are only blocking certain things, and not training them to be more aware. How will we know which is important or not? We need to train kids, and not just block them out either. Maybe some sites should be blocked, but MOST cites shouldn't.

  • Schools block too many websites and videos

    So many websites and videos are being blocked by schools to where, "what's the point? What's the point of giving us a laptop, but no internet privileges to do anything on it in the first place?" It's stupid. All of it. I can understand why some things are blocked, like if it contains inappropriate content or can trigger a seizure, but now, everything is blocked. It has no correlation other than the school wants it that way!

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