Should schools be categorized by specialty?

Asked by: salmon
  • Yes. Students should be responsible and know what they want to major in prior to college

    That being said, “specialized schools” (ones that specialize in a certain profession), enable them to develop a greater understanding of their future profession. In addition, students will be more interested in the subject if they are immersed in it during childhood. In the past, I have heard math students complain about writing/literature classes and English majors about math requirements. With the system of the “specialized school”, math students won’t have to take those dreaded English classes. Similarly, English students don’t have to take math classes (Obviously, the standard education of math, English, science, language, etc… should apply until 8th grade). Education should be applied to students’ strengths rather than weaknesses. Specialized schools will save students money and time. For example, students typically change their major three or more times. Changing majors that many times creates many problems. They waste their time, money and energy on classes which they already took and won’t receive credit for. (since their previous major is irrelevant to their new one).In college, students usually take introductory classes to find out what their interests are and what they enjoy; however, paying money to “find out ones’ interests” is silly and wasteful since there are other ways to do this. For example, YouTube is a wonderful resource which contains hundreds of lectures from prestigious universities. This is great for preparation for a specialty. Many of the factors I’ve discussed above won’t happen if there were more “specialized schools” because students would already know their specialty.

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