Should schools be gender neutral institutions

Asked by: sssb
  • Sex and Gender are two completely different things - Gender Neutrality is perfectly acceptable

    @CRAZYMAN890 - Your comment that sex and gender are the same things is completely unreasonable. I quote Monash University: "Sex refers to biological differences; chromosomes, hormonal profiles, internal and external sex organs. Gender describes the characteristics that a society or culture delineates as masculine or feminine."

    It is completely acceptable to have both gender-separated institutions and gender-neutral institutions. In fact, there is another category, which is mixed-gender institutions.
    Gender-separated refers to schools being (one school) for males and another (one school) for females.
    Gender-neutral refers to schools being an entity where males and females are allowed to mix freely and use the same facilities and there are no clear distinctions within the school to separate people of both sexes.
    Mixed-gender schools are probably the ones most common out there, where males and females are enrolled in the same school, but there are clear distinctions (e.G.: M and F toilets).

  • If we do not learn from history, than we are doomed to repeat it.

    We can argue about whether men and woman are different when it comes to the mind, all day, but the answer will always be unclear, because with the exception of a few societies, Men have dominated woman.

    This could be natural, or because we witnessed some other species do this, or it could be because a divine being said so, because of the order of who got tricked into eating from a special tree. (going by the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim beliefs)

    As for the first reason, I doubt it because there have been societies, ran by woman, and genetically, we are close to the chimps, who usually have a male leader, and the bonobos who usually have female leaders. (so I think that we are somewhere in the middle)

    And for the second reason, well we are easily influenced (note that their are advertisements on the bottom of this page) So monkey see, monkey do.

    The third reason, is not something we can fully prove or disprove.

    By segregating are selves we won't be providing equal education for all, just look at the pre civil rights area "separate but equal" plan, and how that worked out. And that would be a shame, because females can do so much for the world, and humanity could and could have been missing out on so many advancements, in all fields, by holding women back, Because let's just admit it, it would be females in the poorer schools, which is why my headline was, If we do not learn from history, than we are doomed to repeat it.

    Plus there would be a lot less understanding between the genders if boys and girls are not exposed to each other during their youth. It would say those people are different, and we all know how people respond to different. By avoiding at best, hating irrationally at worst, which would rely set back mankind.

  • Gender neutral world means a gender neutral school

    In a world where we are pushing for equality between all genders I feel it is necessary to make schools gender neutral because if schools are not gender neutral then children will grow up seeing different genders being treated differently and then when they leave school the way they behave a treat each other will reflect that.

    If schools are not gender neutral then how can the world be?

    Posted by: sssb
  • Friends are great

    Some of my best friends are male, though I am female. It doesn't make much sense, how would straight people find people that they would like to be in relationships with? Also, what would nonbinaries do? Theres aren't enough of them to have a school just for them, we should have gender neutral schools!

  • No, We have been doing this for how long? 6,000-200,000 years.

    There has been Male and Female for several millennial, the term gender came about in the English language around the 1400's and refer to the sex of a person. This is feminist issue and some say around 1963 is when they started using gender to refer to social attributes.

    I tend to believe that religion is a system of beliefs and practices. So this redefining of gender is 1) not historically accepted 2) it is a religion or a sect of women who call themselves feminist. Because they believe gender to be something more than it is, and they practice it.

    I willing to bet the a large majority of society does not agree with this. According to a UCLA study .03-.05% of the population identify as transgender. We have to restructure and redefine terms that have been used to mean one thing for around 700 years. I'm sorry.

    This is a big problem in today's society, with so many playing Identity Politics stuff like this creeps into the school, is glorified by the mainstream media and so on. When you want Society to conform to your will and your beliefs. That's just unethical.

    I'm fine with co-ed school, classes, games and so on. But I don't believe a person who is biologically male/female should be in the opposite sexes restroom, locker room and any space that entails disrobing.

    As for comment referring to Divine nature/order; "The third reason, is not something we can fully prove or disprove" This show you have not done your homework. Most people who don't believe in God or Jesus, will affirm that the Greek Philosopher Socrates did exists. However, there's no evidence other than the mentioning of his name a couple centuries later. While the bible has over 30,000 ancient manuscripts that testify to accuracy of written bible and there is all several external writing mentioning and talking about Jesus, and example would be Josephus in his writings.

    If your a feminist and you believe the bible is degrading to women. When it comes to husband and wife, there is to be no degrading of her. Men are told to love there wife, just as Christ loved the church. That she is vessel of honor. So, if a Christian man is mistreating his wife, it is certainly not because the bible says so.

    And no matter how hard you try to make men and women equal, it's just not going to happen. We are biologically different. Many physical differences, as well as mental differences. This does not sanction the mistreatment of a woman just because of these differences. Women should be treat equally in just about everything. I believe women should be required to register for the draft.

    In closing, school is hard enough for kids. They don't need anymore confusion put on them.

  • Gender-neutral bathrooms are just asking for trouble!!

    There was already a case last year about a man saying he feels like a woman going into a woman's bathroom when all he wanted to do was be a pervert. I am not saying kids will do the same, but why put them in that situation? What is to keep a teenage boy from taking advantage of a girl who is only trying to wash her hands? Or a bully from using the bathroom as a beating ground? As much as we love our kids, they can be mean and hurtful. So why create a situation that can lead to other awful situations?

  • No this is ridiculous

    Gender neutral schools is bad idea and harming idea for younger kids. You see gender and sex are the same thing there no evidence that its not the people on the opposing side side will say its a social thing which is not. Now gender neutral schools will teach young kids theirs no gender and you decide that for yourself or you can have no gender basically brainwashing little kids who don't know better and doesn't even understand the concept of sex yet. Gendering is another issue but this idea is clearly bad.

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