• Better For Students

    It is very hard to get back to the school mode after a 3 month break. The first weeks of school are often spent review things that students forgot over the summer. Having school full year would prevent these things. Children would be more educated and not forget things when they go to the next grade.

  • Consider not what is "toooo harrrd"but what our brain needs to succeed

    By having year round school is good for our education because during the summer most students forget what they have learnt and because of that weeks are spent relearning the same thing and that time could be spent something new. Just because school is year round, doesn't mean that students will get less of a break. The breaks will just be more spread out

  • I think it should

    I think should because most students when they go on summer vacation they seem to forget most of the things they where taught in school. Every student at least, including myself forget about 20% of the things they learn in school and that's not good because when you come back to school you have forgotten the things you need to learn to help you out with your next school year and each year gets harder when you come back. I'm in the 11th grade and I have forgotten most of the things in have learned in the 10th grade because when I was on summer vacation I wasn't worried about school but when I came back I didn't remember a thing.

  • Year-round schooling doesn't mean no breaks.

    Most argue that students need a break, and that is why school should not be in session all year round. This is not true; for example, students at City Charter High School in Pittsburgh, PA get three months off just like the rest of us- the only difference is that is is spread around the year. They have the entire month of April, August, and December off from school and the year is organized into trimesters instead of semesters: meaning that the terms last about four months each. Most of the students like this schedule and find that it makes it easier to remember the things they learn in school. (I attend this school)
    Additionally, schools in Germany go for most of the year with small breaks every so often. Most schools in Germany give six weeks off for summer vacation, then two weeks off in autumn, two weeks off in the winter, and two weeks off in spring.
    A study conducted by the Ohio State University found that, over the course of a full year, students showed small amounts of improvement in reading and math scores in year-round schools compared to those students whose were in schools that followed the traditional academic calendar. Year-round schools do not add more school days to the 180 standard academic calendar. The total number of school days and vacation days remains unchanged, but instead is distributed throughout the year. Thus, students are not gaining more instructional days, but have smaller gaps between times of schooling which makes it easier to remember facts learned in the previous year.

  • Year round schooling is okay, as long as holiday breaks are allowed

    Because students tend to have better educational and grade scores when school is year round, it makes sense to try to have it year round, in certain climates. In the bitter cold of the upper midwest it doesn't make as much sense, because people need to get out and get sun in the summer.

  • Becomes part of regular life

    I have been in a year round school since 6th grade and I love it. At first I was intimidated by the thought of spending the whole year with such a monotonous pace. But I ended up liking it and after the first year we get a hang of it. For me and a lot of others we get to see our friends like everyday was the fun part. We get more attached to our school life. And after sometime it feels like this is normal also not always the studies are run in a faster pace rather there are times around the year when we get to move a little slower and have school functions and all, which was more of a fun-relaxing time rather than a "got nothing to do" summer/Holidays.

  • Im already in it

    I have been in year round school since 5th grade and i love it. It gets alittle depressing when summer comes around but every 9 weeks we get 3 weeks off. That is so helpful to me considering i get really stressed alot. Its not right for everyone but i thought i was going to hate it but i actually really like it.

  • No, that is abuse.

    I think our government should abolish its compulsory education law. It should be up to that person to decide how long they should go to school. Some people are not geared for that amount of education. Summer break and any other extra time should go to relax time and jobs.

  • It would interfere with students' lives at an unacceptable level.

    School should definitely not be in session year round. One of the most difficult things for a student to do is jump back into the swing of things at the beginning of a school year, typically around August or September, and the chopped-up nature of year-round education would only lead to more of this arduous task for students. Also, there is no significant difference in academic achievement between year-round and traditional schooling. Why are educators bothering with the concept of implementing year-round education? It is a mere waste of time that comes at a great fiscal cost! Year-round education also throws out of the window many opportunities for students to fully flourish and bloom, such as summer camps that allow them to fully pursue their interests - interests that, in fact, could open whole new vistas for their future. Year-round education would burn an unacceptable number of those bridges. Also, students are not mere tools or puppets - they are, indeed, great young human beings, each with their own lives, their own families, their own interests to pursue. By assuming that they will each magically have a schedule compatible with year-round education is unreasonable! We would be unacceptably trampling upon their own lives! Is a modified school year worth all of this?

  • No not a good idea

    Some families go on long vacations and need more than three weeks. It isn't fair to the teachers either. Even though these schools get the same amount of time off as other schools, Teachers are making lesson plans year-round and don't get to have a real break. Students also are stuck doing homework over these three weeks and don't have the chance to truly have a break.

  • Way too stressful

    School is just to stressful to do all year round. I can barely keep up with my normal schedule. To take away my summer break would be unthinkable. This is one of only chances that I have to take a vacation. I already can't wait until my summer break arrives.

  • Nonononononononono no no

    Most families plan vacations over the summer. Year-round schools mess up summer family vacations. They also don't allow students to go away to camp or take on summer jobs to earn money for the future.
    Having to go to school all year will stress students and teachers with all the hard work they have to do

  • No, bad idea

    Even though students can get better with their education levels , it can make the students feeling depressed and stressed out of all the work that they need to complete with no break in between. We shouldn't make our future successors very stressed out even when in second grade. In the future our children will grow and see what we have to go through everyday. They shouldn't stress out over work when they are only 7 or 9 or even 13.


    Academics can be however a downside. All of us "NO" people may also want educational values, but not too much! The 45-15 and 3 month summer break are all ideal. They keep everything in moderation. If a student becomes more into vacations, they lack serious education. But if they go into school COMPLETELY... Well, that's a problem. Their kids will be scared to fail a test like PARCC or NJASK. It is very serious that parents don't do that to their kids, or else their kids will grow up to not be happy also. Students should also use the summer break to get outside and interact with their friends. They also have to get more athletic. If they're only educational, they may not be socially smart.

  • I obviously don't want to go to school on summer break.

    I feel that kids should have the luxury time to relax and enjoy their summer break. If they miss out on their summer break, they may never get the experience of a good childhood. Later on, they may make their children go to school. Breaks should be allowed because that gives them enough time to relax. A relaxed and healthy mind helps kids in education more than year-round school. Take that YES team!

  • We need a break

    If we all go to school very day every year how will we be able to spend time with our family's instead of having adults boss us around and make us do what they want to have us do what they want us to do they cant tell us what to do if we are not here and don't have to come to school every single day WE NEED A SOMETHING BREAK

  • No extended school

    School is good on its own, but if it’s year round, no way I’m going to that school. I think teachers might re- teach material the students already know. Even with the trimesters and 1 month breaks, students will still think about a quick return to school. So, no extended school for me.

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