• If at School

    If cyber-bullying originates at school or is done through school computers, the school should have a say in it and step in to prevent the practice from occurring at school. But schools should not be monitoring their students' out of school online communications. Students are entitled to privacy outside of school.

  • Only place required

    A school is the only place that a student is required to go and retain information. If they are taught out of school they will not listen out of school unless they are interested in the topic. Students are tested when taking it in school so they will retain and use the information.

  • Depends on how severe but I know the principle is going to over react

    Yes really severe hurtful and mean things should be punished by the school. However some kids could have a little fight online then kapoof all of a sudden you're in detention for cyberbullying. Even though you might have already made up. Another thing is a lot of kids could just be joking with each other. And one last thing is that teachers do not understand the slang that kids use. Like I know this abbreviation makes alot of people upset but alot of kids say things like k y s aka kill your self to each other. But it is more slang that kids use. And they use it JOKINGLY. But I know the over reacting principle will happily expel two kids joking with each other. It's one thing if they said it at school. But they should be allowed to chat with each other with as much profanity they like at home. However I do think when it is severe. And people are continually bashing on this one kid over and over again. And when it's obviously cyberbullying Then YES by all means punish the kid. I know that there is both bullying and cases where kids are just joking. But I know that if schools handle everything they consider cyberbullying they are just going to over react and punish kids who were just joking online. Which not only invades kids privacy but also just gives the school more power over what the kid can and can't do despite the kid not actually being at school.

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