• Authority To Cyber bullying

    Schools should have the the license to punish cyber bullies because the parents might not do anything. The parents might also not know what to do. Another reason is they could find out what type of harassment it was. There for school should have the authority to punish cyber bullying.

  • Yes, schools should address cyberbullying.

    Schools may not be able to stop cyberbullying from happening, since it may occur outside of school hours, but they should definitely address it and educate students about its harms. Cyberbullies may also be bullying in real life during school hours, so it makes sense, too, that they may have to get involved more directly with specific students. It's a serious issue, and needs to be addressed.

  • Yes, they should support their students.

    The schools of the students in question should definitely be involved when a child is cyber bullied. If they can't punish the student in question who has done the bullying, they can at least make the bully go through mandatory counseling and they can offer counseling to the victim. When someone is a bully, it will become a school problem, as the bullying will probably continue in the school.

  • Schools Should Be Involved with Cyberbullying.

    Yes, schools should be involved with cyberbullying as a child spends 8 or more hours of his/her day at the school. That means a large part of the child's influence comes from the school, its grounds, and its culture. The school should promote a culture of tolerance and learning, not bullying.

  • Schools get involved whit cyberbullying

    They should if it happens there or the hear or see it happen they should send them to the princapal or the warrden. They should suspened them for a week or a couple of days . Why? Because this stuff is serios it can cause many suicides every year which is terreble.

  • No , schools shouldn't be involved in cyber bullying .

    Schools should not have the license to punish cyber bullies . They shouldn't have the authority to punish them is its none of their business . In addition , bullies aren't gonna listen , also parents should deal with it . Therefore, schools shouldn't have the authority to punish cyber bullies.

  • No they should not

    It is not worth it the schools should focus on education not the students problem. If the school does help it could make it worse. It is not the schools responsibility to see if someone is getting bullied. It is the parents job not the schools. So no they should not

  • Its not worth it

    Schools should spend all focus on education. If something as petty as cyberbullying distracts students then teach them to be tougher. Why spend an hour telling them about how to not get they're feelings hurt? Thats time that could be spent teaching them something important. Whats more important, learning a life skill or getting told that someone is going to call you an idiot over the internet?

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