• I say yes tentatively.

    On one hand, individuality is already accepted as a good thing. The United States is effectively dependent on differing opinions; that's how innovation works. But that raises another question. If schools promote individuality, how can you be an individual (and, by extension, unique) when everyone else is an individual and unique like you?

  • Conformity is against God

    God created each and every one of us to be unique, thus conforming would be an act against God, thus making schools anti-Christian establishments. Also, if everyone conforms, then there will not be any success stories. There would be no iPads, rock and roll, freedom of african americans, women's rights, gay rights and so much more if school's message worked. There wouldn't even be an America without being anti-conformist. Think of all that could be missed out on if everyone conformed like school is teaching.

  • God doesn't exist

    Why would we need to follow a bunch of rules made by some primitive idiots. Who think that child marriage and killing little kittens and sacrificing poor animals is completely and perfectly fine. Truth is more important then religion. Truth is logic. Logic created religion sadly that lowered the logic levels of most americans

  • School should not teach opinion.

    It's happening more and more...The school system was not put in place to teach conformity or non-conformity, but to give an education. More and more opinion gets tossed in the mix and pretty soon more classes get taught with bias, which, for one person, may be fine, but for another, it would be unacceptable.

    The school should teach the truth, and the kids should, in theory, learn morals and critical thinking from Mom and Dad.

  • Yeah they should promote individualism

    I do not really understand where theism comes into conformity in schools. It does not matter whether you believe in theism or not; the question is asking your opinion of schools being conformity or individuality. I believe schools should promote and have more individualism qualities then restricting and oppressing children. I don't think kids should be obligated to be the same in schools. I don't think kids should fee pressured to blend in with trends at school or social rules. In public schools, they (teachers and they school) should not promote and force conformity on to kids. Kids have the right to be themselves; to wear what clothes they want, to eat foods the want, believe in whatever religion they want, to be themselves. Conformity in schools leads to failure. When you're in school and you feel pressured to be like everybody else, it creates a lot of stress and problems. Conformity is ruining public schools; most teens aren't even stressed about actual school and learning, they're stressed over the way schools force everybody to be exactly like each other. I think if a kid wants to wear a shirt with a religious symbol on it, they should. I think if a kid wants to have a weird haircut, they should. Conformity in schools just makes it easier to control people in masses because by time they're out of schools they're all thinking the same, acting the same, and are virtually the same. I don't think a kid should ostracized of penalized for not agreeing with the bunch.

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