Should schools be more development-oriented rather than education-oriented?

  • Development is Firsthand and Education is Secondhand

    The dominant ‘academic-first education system’ has been built on some illusions about what is most elementary to our existence in the universe, and effectively educating our children to make the best of the existence we share with them. It is eEasy to understand how we mistook academics for the primary goal, but it is wrong to continue to sacrifice children’s unlimited creative potentialities to that mistake.

  • Please rephrase the question

    Development is so open ended, that I naturally disagree. This would be like telling the armed forces to start building farms and learn agriculture. it's not the normal nature of things. Schools = education. There are new education models and types, but education-oriented focus makes the most sense. Please explain what you mean by development oriented schools.

  • No, it is not their place

    Schools should be for education. The rest of a child's life, such as development, should be left to the parents. Parents know the values that they want to instill in their children, not the schools. For kids who have parents who are horrible at parenting, that is a much more difficult issue to discuss.

  • No, schools need to keep the focus on education.

    Schools have hired teachers to educate children. They are not being paid a very good salary to teach developmental skills. This is something that children should learn from parents and others in the community that can aid in this effort. Schools need to remain the center of the educational process.

  • Schools need to stay educational.

    Schools seem to be taking on more of the rule of parents. They have our children from the age of five, at least six ours a day, nine eight months a year. Now they are trying to start children earlier, at three years of age, and having school year round. On top of that they want to teach them about sex and their changing bodies. There are some things that need to stay in the home!

  • No, the job of the family is to aid development, the job of the school is to educate.

    As it stands, schools aren't educating nearly as well as they should. Obsessed over figures and national rankings, they have these wasteful 'No child left behind' initiatives that force EVERYONE to lag behind. Being kept back a year may be embarrassing, but it gets that child the help they need without causing the other 10-30 to suffer. Shifting the focus even further away from education and into developmental studies would produce a generation of very well mannered children who wouldn't be able to find the US on a map of North America.

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