• Schools X out Cheating

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  • Yes but a few caveats

    They should at least recognize why kids do it. I'm particularly talking about a class like algebra/trig that's both 99.9% useless and is most reliant on book answers. Given the choice between going back to what amounts to hell because you barely didn't pass a useless sucky mandatory class that's a remnant of the cold war measuring contest or cheating to clear it and risking it it's a no brainer for most people. Also consider the fact that real life rewards people who cheat/screw others over. Technically having a laptop vs using a quill pen is "cheating" because it grants an advantage the founding fathers never had. Ever read into capital hill(or any government place)'s vast money wealth? They literally got rich off insider trading but survived because they're legally immune to laws(a double standard). Look at the "cheating" done by the USA to safeguard D day(the 'not cheating" way would have been to directly cross and get massacred but cheating helped save lives. Or the technical cheating that broke the enigma codes? The point is, the person who said cheaters never prosper was either a fool or blind to reality.

  • Yes, they should

    Cheating is the only way some students get through particularly hard tests or assignments. Some knowledge of the topic given is required to ensure that the answers the students obtain are factual. Cheating isn't easy; it takes a very specific skill set to be able to cheat without being caught, which can be used in jobs requiring spying on a rival company or such.

  • No they shouldn't

    They would get too used to cheating and cheating would be the beginning of their dishonesty. "Honesty is the best policy!" They would probably go into their next grade not knowing anything. It would also deflect students form finding what they truly love. Sometimes cheating is the easy way out but you shouldn't want the easy way, you should want the BEST way.

  • No they shouldn't

    Cheaters learn nothing because all they do is copy someone elses work and they don't do it themselves. Either that or they're just really lazy and don't feel like doing the work themselves. But no if schools were more tolerant on cheaters then more people would cheat and nobody would learn anything

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Quan says2013-06-04T17:15:41.207
It depends on the topic. I would never want a surgeon who cheated his way through school operating on me. On the other hand, I may prefer a lawyer who had an aptitude for cheating over one who did not.