• Try navigating a school in a wheelchair

    Even schools that seem accessible for those in a wheelchair are often not. Try taking a wheelchair from a parking lot through an entrance and into a classroom, bathroom, library, cafeteria, office and auditorium. What you will most likely discover is that there are many obstacles either built-in, were created due to renovations, or just created due to ignorance of the needs of those using wheelchairs.

  • Everyone has the right to go to school

    Wheelchair accessibility is not a major issue in modern school buildings. It is, however, a major problem in older buildings that were built well before the Americans with Disabilities Act became law. A child in one of these older buildings has to struggle to get to their classes. It is not fair that these students have additional hurdles placed in their way of their basic right to an education.

  • Schools Are Already Wheelchair Accessible

    Because of the Americans with Disabilities Act, schools are already required to be wheelchair accessible and make proper modifications for students with disabilities. While many schools have stairs, students with disabilities are allowed to use the elevator and entrance levels to schools have ramps already or would be equipped with them if necessary for a student.

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