• Love this Idea!

    I personally love this Idea, I believe it will help tudents be more prepared with test, and this way the schools can stretch classes more, I am a student myself and Go to an online all year around school, and I Love it. I think this would help the kids who need to focus more on a certain topic =) Such as Math, Science, and History.

  • For those who go.

    Some people wish school was all the time. I have this same opinion, but only for those who actually want more education to get a head start on the exams. As a student myself, it's natural for me to hate most of the things I do in school, so I think it would be brilliant if the students who want to go to school during holidays have the oppertunity to go and learn more about the subjects they like, such as Media Studies and Drama for me. Whereas the people who don't want to go don't have to. But we also have to think of the teachers. Do they want to sacrifice there holiday to teach? The pay would have to be risen and that may cause governmental problems.

  • They let kids learn more and let kids prepare more

    School should be open all year round so kids could have more time to prepare for test's beacause 18% of kids don't prepare for test's and attend to fail them.
    Also, they should stay open since they let kids learn the curriculm's they need to learn.
    Last but not least, school's help kids get a head start on what they need to learnso for example kids in the 3rd grade can have alot of time to figure out some decimal problems that they are going to learn in the 4th grade. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for taking your time to hear my side of the story that school's should be open all year round.


    Chool is important! Yes, schools should be open all year. School prepares kids for life and helps us be successful. It also gives us a chance to make new friends and have a social life. Some parents don't have time to teach their kids and hiring tutors costs a lot of money. They should learn new things every day too. This is why I think school should be open all year round.

  • More time to learn.

    I as a student, all for it. Think about the time students would have to forget everything they have learned. 3 months out of the year children have to forget. Getting back to school is a nightmare. In some cases schools spent literally a whole month reviewing what they had learned last year. Wasted time. In order to keep a strong brain you have to work it and give it a lot of short brakes, not one long brake. That's the whole point of a school year being extended. Work the brain so it does not get lazy.

  • School is fun

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  • School is important!

    Yes, schools should be open all year. School prepares kids for life and helps us be successful. It also gives us a chance to make new friends and have a social life. Some parents don't have time to teach their kids and hiring tutors costs a lot of money. They should learn new things every day too. This is why I think school should be open all year round.

  • Schools should not go to year-round-schooling.

    If teachers keep kids in school for more than needed, not only kids would burn out but also teachers, why? Teachers need energy to teach and kids need time rest so what I think about this is no, because it is a very bad idea for kids who get tired and also teachers.

  • Schools should not go to a year round schedule

    It has bullying problems, problems finding babysitters that work on a year round school schedule, there is not as much time for kids to relax as a cause of only one month breaks every four months for the whole year. Lastly family time is an issue because of the time a kid gets away from school

  • School should not be open all year

    If there is school for one whole year that means no vacation which means no family which means no beach. And also if there is no more free time except for saturdays and sundays kids would go crazy especially because there would be no spring break for everyone else!!! !!!

  • I don’t think schools should last all year

    If teachers make kids go to school all year around the kids would get more smart but that would effect exercise and high schoolers and collage students wouldn’t get much time to see their family or plan for a job once they get older. A good job for doing that would be a scientist but not all people would want to be a scientist.

  • Kids need time to take a break

    Kids need time to relax and spend more time with their family instead of having to worry about a test or a paper that is due the next day. Kids get home around 4:00 from school then has to do homework, eat then go to bed for school the next morning. Meaning that they don't get to spend any time with their family.

  • Why would we put our students through that?

    Honestly, school shouldn't be done all year long. There will be a large number of dropouts, and lower test grades. Having school all year long, will basically burn out the students brains. There will not be such a large graduation number. There will be a very large number of dropouts.

  • That's a horrid idea.

    School is difficult (granted, some are easier than others) but too much is never a good thing, around 7-9 months will do. If you support this, expect a sudden spike in dropout rates and lower test scores. And besides, summer vacation could help in things outside of school like social skills and the like.

  • Students would be burnt out

    As a student in high school myself I believe that if school was open all year it was make us students have a negative view of education in general. It would effect grades, attitudes towards getting a better education, and most likely make more kids want to drop out. I can't understand why someone would want school open all year, and if their reasoning is test that's not a very good reason our school systems are already to focused on testing, but that's an argument for another day.

  • Year round school can hinder learning

    A huge aspect of learning comes from a willingness to learn. Forcing kids to be in school with no break could lead to kids becoming burnt out on school. This burnout results in less kids to possess a driving energy to want to learn. They have their whole lives to learn and work. Let kids be kids. If a child is so eager to sit in a classroom an extra two months there are organizations and tutor centers to aid in that also. There are also unlimited ways for kids to learn other than them sitting in a classroom year round. And Don't forget that enacting a governmental policy forcing kids to be in school year round also would be handing away more freedom.

  • School is important, but it is not the only aspect of an adolescents life

    I agree that school is important, and that it prepares kids for life, but schools being open all year would NOT help them be successful. I
    believe they should be worked harder throughout the semester, and let their time off be just that; time off. They are beginning to ask themselves who they truly are, and how are they supposed to do this confined in a classroom? Trying to keep them in school and out of trouble would have a rebound effect. They will spend the rest of their lives in the real world, so why not start now? They need to experience life and discover themselves as well as the periodic table. They should be granted the time and the freedom to get their first part time job, and interact with other youth. Practice makes perfect right? So to prepare them for the real world they need to be in the real world. If you want to raise a generation of responsible, educated citizens, there needs to be a balance.

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