• Yes, they should.

    Schools should be open to new technology. Some the technology people come up with today is really advanced and is capable of helping others learn. Students with disabilities, or need a little extra help understanding lessons could benefit great from having new and improved technology in the school to help teach them.

  • More Problems Than Answers

    Technology can crash, freeze, get hacked, break, is more likely to be stolen, have limited battery, are expensive, shift the focus away from the teacher, and make it easier for students to cheat. If technology breaks, it takes an expensive, highly trained professional to fix it, where if a page rips, it just takes a little, cheap piece of tape.

  • Schools should not be open to new technology.

    Schools have been education people for hundreds of years successfully without any new technologies. A lot of new devices are commercial rather than educational. They provide entertainment but they do not help kids to learn. A lot of new gimmicks are out there, but a teacher's intuition is the best educational tool.

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