Should schools be required to serve healthy foods ?

Asked by: jonvah
  • I think that school canteen should only serve healthy food.(Which is true).

    I think that kids are eating way to much junk food nowadays which can give health problems.Some kids are not getting the right nutrients to grow and concentrate i classes and even more in adult life.Some kids also are obese and they can still stay obese in adult life which can give serious health problems.Also kids are to weak to play sports espically outside sports e.G football which you can faint easily from these and parents should be aware from this tragic problem

  • I think they should serve healthy food at the school canteen.

    I think they should serve healthy food at the school canteen because kids should have their healthy eating because your growing up and you get fatter as well as shorter. It's not healthy for kids to be eating junk food evrey single day but should be eating healthy the parents should also be aware of this tragic incident.

  • Because then we cant shazam

    Shazaming is so much better then eating food that is served in schools. Shazam.Shazam shazam shazam shazam shazam ssssssssss hhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaa zzzzzzzzzz aaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmm s s s s s s s s h h h h h h h h a a a a a a a a a zam i shazam daily

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