Should schools be required to serve healthy lunches?

  • Of course, they should

    Serving a healthy lunch makes them better and also healthier life. I you serve them a healthy lunch at the school, might help them with all their sicknesses they have. Not only that, it can be a light to them to have a healthier lifestyle. Plant based is the best!!!!

  • Disgusting lunches for kids!

    I am a fifth grader at Meredith and the lunches provided are absolutely disgusting! My fellow students and I are nearly 100% sure the food isn't real in the slightest! On every Friday, it's pizza day! The only thing about the pizza is… well… its stale by the time we get it. At the beginning of the new school year even the PRINCIPAL said the food is terrible! This problem, is torture to anyone that unfortunately… forgets their lunches.

  • Yes they should.

    Because kids in america are becoming obese and we need to stop it.
    People say we cant but if you hire a local farmer it is cheaper and healthier that all the artificial things the school buys. This could help the economy because people will be more active and schools will have more money.

  • Schools Should Serve Healthy Lunches

    Yes, schools should be required to serve healthy lunches as schools are places of learning, and as such, providing a model of healthy eating can be a great learning experience for children to experience. If a school does not provide this model, then it is teaching children to eat in unhealthy ways.

  • Children need to eat more balanced meals

    In this era of cheap, delicious fast food, it is a growing concern that children should be fed healthy meals that will allow their bodies to be as healthy as possible. Since a child eats 5 meals per week at school, it is very important that the school be mandated to serve children a healthy lunch.

  • That is not the schools responsibility

    Parents should know better! Simply put. Parents have to be the people who teach their children how to eat healthy. If a parent doesn’t know the difference between healthy food and unhealthy food, There is a serious problem. It is not up to the schools to play parent. Besides, Not all kids eat unhealthy. Someone may want a pizza or burger for lunch once in awhile. The obesity epidemic in kids is caused by parents who don’t know any better. Sorry to sound harsh. But it’s true. They are the reason kids are fat. If they can@5 tach their kids about healthy nutrition and do nothing about it when their children are overweight, Then that is simply poor parenting.

  • A Students Oppinion!

    No way should schools be forced to serve healthy foods, its the kids choice. Ok so I eat homemade lunches, but all of my friends eat school lunches. They are unapealing flavorless and boarderline uneadible. In my school district, they just passed a law saying that schools are not allowed to distribute any kind of food that contains sugar..... Hmm let me think oh yeah basically every food has sugar in it! After that rule was passed there were new rules everywhere. For example, our vending machines are to be shut off before school, after school, and durring lunch, the only time we are allowed to use them is durring class and durring so all food is confiscated. What happened to the days where the school district wasnt made out of bubble rap asnd constantly controlled kids.

  • Yummy food good

    Kids don't necessarily want healthy food. They don't always care whats good for their body, just what they want. I like fats and oils and stuff like that, bacon fried chicken stuff like that not whole grain whatever. That stuff tastes like garbage. I want a yummy choice and healthy, not just the healthy one.

  • Yummy food good!

    Kids don't necessarily worry about their health in grade school, they might not care what's good for them, just what they want. I like oils and fats and stuff like that. I want somethin' like bacon, or fried chicken, not whole grain whatever. That stuff tastes like crap. I hate it.

  • It is a choice

    Schools should serve food with more calories, because for some of the ones from low income families, that is the only meal of the day. The ones that want to be healthy can eat an apple or a salad, because they have the financial ability to bring a lunch from home

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