• Yes, But It's a Lose-Lose

    Yes, in order for students to maintain greater focus, and achieve more within the walls of school, separating the genders would be a critical step. The problem is that this would also result in a very different learning atmosphere where, although students may learn more, the social skills would be deemphasized, and this would arguably create personal development problems in some cases.

  • The tangible results are clear:

    Multiple studies, observations, and current standings show that single-sex schools tend to out perform coed schools again and again. What the actual cause of this is just happens to be not exactly known though it is suggested it has something to do with a lack of competition relative to impressing others among other things.

  • Of course not

    Girls and boys need to socialize with each other there is of course the matter of sexual relations but that is completely normal for teenagers, that would still happen even if we segregated schools by sex, what is important is to solve a problem not to run away from it, and segregating schools isn't going to solve anything.

  • Counter Productive System

    Segregating schools by sex would probably increase the amount of teenagers involved in sex as well as creating young adults who have been separated from members of the opposite sex in social situations for their whole life. School is a major source of social life for kids and by taking interaction with the opposite sex out much of their social life would be counter-productive.

  • Schools should not be segregated.

    In my opinion, schools should not be segregated by sex.
    Every sex should be treated in a fair and equal way instead of being separated and treated differently. Also, segregated schools will make stereotypes of sex. They would not be able to respect each other. WHen they grow up, they might not be able to adapt to the soiety,
    Also, segregated schools require so much money including finding the teachers, making classrooms, and making educational systems.

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